Should Landlords Take Zero Deposit Insurance?

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Amirah Mahayadin
BlueDuck Operation Associate

Deposits are the main thing that landlords should be concerned about when they want to rent a house or rooms. Upfront deposits for house rentals are mandatory as they give protection to both tenant and landlord. 

In Malaysia, it is hard enough to find a landlord that rents a house without a security deposit. Most of them provide security deposits to the tenants. Tenants usually pay a security deposit of two to three months’ gross rental and another ½ month of rent as utility deposit. Rent is usually paid one month in advance. With a BlueDuck Zero Deposit Solution, the landlord did not have to worry anymore about renting property after this. 

BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance

BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance is designed to replace traditional security deposits with high value protection. It gives high security to the landlord and tenant during the rental period. This zero deposit solution replaces the need to pay cash deposits for tenants and give ease to the landlord.

3 Reasons Why Landlord Should Take Zero Deposit Insurance 

1) High Protection and Coverage

BlueDuck offers 4 personalized insurance packages for units and rooms that landlords can choose. Landlords can get the coverage of up to 2 months for loss of rental, up to the latest 2 months of unpaid utilities bills and malicious damage, totaling up to selected packages. Landlords can be rest assured when taking zero deposit insurance from BlueDuck.This zero solution is secured to the landlord as all the processes are done online with proper documentation. Moreover, this is underwritten by Liberty Insurance Malaysia Berhad. This insurance is to replace traditional deposits. If a tenant flees and the landlord has purchased zero deposit insurance, the landlord can file a police report and the insurance company will reimburse the landlord for up to 2 month’s rent.

2) Direct Debit Service 

This Zero Deposit Insurance comes out with Direct Debit service that allows the landlord to collect rental automatically every month. Reminders to pay the rental will be sent to the tenant once no rental is received from the landlord. For tenants, monthly rent is collected directly from a savings account or credit card. In order to ensure the claim process is smooth and faster, BlueDuck will be a third party to verify whether the tenant has made payment. All tenants need to use BlueDuck E-mandate by FPX system to make rental collection faster. 

3) Mitigate The Risks

Most landlords will have to deal with troublesome tenants at some point, and it is never easy.

BlueDuck will run a credit check with the credit agency if they have previous runaway records, BlueDuck will not accept them. BlueDuck reserves the right to blacklist tenant’s CTOS. Besides, the landlord can avoid a void period. A void period means when the property is left unoccupied with no rental income for the landlord. By using the Zero Deposit solution, landlords can speed up the rental process by attracting a wider audience of prospective tenants.

BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance offers great benefits to tenants and landlords. If you’d like to find out more or would like to offer this zero deposit solution on your property, visit our Landlord page on

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