BlueDuck - Zero Deposit,Is it Important? From A New Guy Point Of View.

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From Landlord Perspective


The cash flow in the property rental industry is a major issue that has been faced by many property owners. This is because the tenants often delay payment due a non-systematic collection system in place( manual transaction) hence the delay of payment.


3 pain points that the landlord facing is the property is cannot find a tenant and remain vacant. A landlord needs to fork up money on the mortgage to the bank. Another reason is to compete with a new property in the market. Most tenants prefer to rent on the new property. Last but not least, tenant background, sometimes it can be so frustrating if tenants run away and create chaos at your property. Hence Zero Deposit perfectly cover the landlord from those pain point. ZD helps the landlord to have a background check on the future tenant via tenant profiling,  and also to cover if the tenant runaway, malicious damages, and utility bills up to a certain amount/percentage. This solution what adopted by European countries which was a boom solution for modern living.


The property rental industry is one of the industries that has been changing with the times. With the rise in online platforms for renting properties, there are many who have turned to these platforms for a variety of reasons. Online platforms have made it easier for landlords and tenants to connect with each other and make transactions happen without any hassle. 


From Tenant Perspective


The best solution in the market to ease your cash flow is Zero Deposit by BlueDuck. Tenants can save the actual deposit and spend for other things such as moving expenses etc.


Is zero deposit good for both tenant and landlord?


Absolutely yes. Zero deposit renting is the best solution for both parties. In fact, even with BlueDuck there are already over 3,000 tenants renting this way, it shows that the ecosystem is slowly evolving in this new solution moving forward. So, for the tenant, save up some cash and park it to another portion like buying new furniture and anything related when you move in. moving to a new place will need you to spend more money for ad hoc purchases, etc. 


For Landlord, having property to rent out is a fast game process. All about speed. To have peace of mind when renting out your property, also to save your cash flow from paying your mortgage loan to the bank. Do consider BlueDuck as a viable solution. We will cover for you. Visit us at to discover more and get your tenants to start on their zero deposit rental journey today!

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