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Landlord General FAQ

Why did you start BlueDuck

Like many people, our friends and family own investment properties. However, we couldn’t find an affordable solution for ourselves. An average of 8-10% of our monthly rental income funds the service charges. Further to that, the whole process is long with multiple appointments to interview and sign tenancies. Which is why we wanted to disrupt the industry. We aim to provide as much value to our users as possible, as we are landlords ourselves

What are the services offered.

BlueDuck offers a flat rate property management service for owners and a platform for tenants to easily access their information and raise maintenance issues. This blend of technology coupled with our team’s experience helps ensure both tenants and owners experience a seamless renting experience via transparent & efficient communication.

Where are your services available?

Our services are currently available for customers in the Klang Valley. There are plans to expand into other major cities in Malaysia in the future.

Is BlueDuck a Tenant manager or just a software?

Both! We partner with registered real estate agents to manage your properties, powered by our proprietary technology to automate day-to-day tasks while giving you and your tenants access to self-service portals.

What kind of experience does the BlueDuck team have?

Our team is a mix of experienced property managers and experienced technology professionals. Best of all, we are owners like you.

How do you manage properties

We believe that landlords get the best return by following these five principles:

Charge the right rent -> Lowest vacancy rate

Protect your rights —> covered with landlord insurance. Protect against damages and rental default

Evaluate tenants rigourosly -> Most problems can be avoided by selecting great tenants

Spend money wisely -> Perform necessary and regular maintenance, eliminate unnecessary costs

Treat tenants well -> They’ll stay longer and you’ll spend less

Everything we do is designed to reinforce these five principles. For more information, see our approach to letting.

What are BlueDuck’s fees like?

Customers are charged a flat tenant management fee of RM300 per month.

Here at BlueDuck, we do not believe in landlords paying percentage-based fees. The work required to manage a property is the same regardless of the weekly rent. Some property managers might tell you otherwise. But ask yourself, if that makes sense.

When sourcing new tenants, the fee is paid directly to the professional agent. With the added advantage of our ZERO deposit and tenant profiles, we have the ability to attract quality tenants for you.

Why are BlueDuck’s fees less expensive?

Our fees are less expensive because we believe in fair prices for our property management services. We believe in transparency as well. Thus, we only charge a flat property management fee of RM300 per month. With our current technology, many of the traditional daily tasks have been automated. Providing our property managers with more time to focus on answering your queries & resolving your problems.

How is BlueDuck any different from other property management services in the market?

Unlike other traditional property management agencies, BlueDuck will not charge you a percentage-based fee on your monthly rental income. Our flat fee of RM300 per month will provide you with a dedicated team of localised specialists to look after you and your property. Our offer adds value to your traditional property management services but with improved technology and innovative insurance solutions.

Why should I choose BlueDuck over other discounted property management services?

There are many different ways of finding a property manager. Regardless of how you find one, we think you should always ask yourself 3 key questions. Let’s evaluate how freelancers stack up, based on the 3 questions:

Are they willing to work hard? Instead of drawing a regular salary, discounted PM’s income are your fees. If a freelancer does not get enough contracts, they would need to find another source of income. Managing your property only when they have the time.

Can you rely on them? There’s no brand or company backing the freelancer. If they cannot afford to maintain the insurance when a serious issue arises, then you have a real problem in your hands.

What if they leave? Many decide to leave the industry altogether. If they leave, you would need to identify, interview & train up a new property manager. The cycle then repeats itself.

At the end of the day, freelance property managers aren’t changing anything about how the service is provided. They are simply changing who provides the service.

We are different. By automating much of what traditional managers do, and using professional managers (who have an ownership stake in our company) for the rest, we are able to provide a better service at a lower price. And we stand behind our service.

How are you able to provide great service despite the low prices?

Our goal at BlueDuck is to provide unparalleled service at a much lower monthly fee. To do this, we started with a clean sheet of paper and built a proprietary property management platform that automated a majority of the work that traditional property agents do manually on a daily basis.

Our technology works 24/7, does not require a day off and never demands for a pay cheque. It never forgets to follow up on its required tasks as well.

We know that good property management is more than just its technology. It needs experienced people to make the right decisions. That is why BlueDuck hires sensible & smart people to focus on resolving issues that only people can solve. With the added motivation from owing a stake in the company, BlueDuck can grow sustainably.

We focus on optimising efficiency in everything we do. Those savings are will be returned to you.

Do we get to meet the tenant manager in person?

Yes, if you would like to have a face to face chat with one of the managers, you may contact us & inform us of your request. However, we find that many of our customers prefer to communicate over email, private messages or phone calls.

How do tenants communicate with the team

They can communicate with tenant managers via the platform and emailing.

What system do you use to collect rent

We collect rent via the BD Direct Debit system. We have our own payment gateway solution so we can serve our landlord better. Understand more on our payment solution BlueDuck Pay

How do you deal with arrears or other tenant problems

Good tenant selection stops most big problems before they occur, but all tenants will have concerns and questions.

We take care of problems before they become problems. Our systems automatically track arrears and tenants are contacted by phone, email and SMS. We follow up relentlessly to ensure you get paid. We work with you to create a proactive maintenance plan and deal with urgent maintenance requests immediately.

In the rare case when we cannot resolve an issue directly, we will resort to insurance claims. Responsible & meticulous record keeping is the key to a great claim outcome.

Can you get quotations for repairs above RM250?

We always get quotations for jobs above RM250. For certain jobs that involve handymen, we might be able to get a free service. But for many others, such as plumbing, electrical work etc, there is usually a call out fee.

Does BlueDuck arrange for outgoing fees such as maintenance fees and council bills?

We are not able to do so yet. This is currently in our pipeline and we are working to have all your future invoices sent to our office for payments. Which can then be deducted from your statements.

Is there a lock-in period?

No, there are no lock-in contracts with BlueDuck.

What is the notice period for terminating a contract with BlueDuck?

The notice period for terminating your contract with BlueDuck is 1 month, however BD insurance will terminated due to it comes with our services.

Do you manage commercial properties as well?

Yes, however the charges will vary slightly when managing commercial properties. Reach out to us and we can talk more.

How do you inform my tenants? What impact does it have on them?

We will contact your tenants via email and communicate to them how to utilise the tenant platform to raise maintenance issues and to sign up for direct debit payment. The impact on your tenants should be minimal as we will handle all of the small details for a seamless transition.

Ok, i’m convinced how do i sign up and transfer my investment property to BlueDuck

All we need is your name, email and investment property address to get started.

We’ll follow up with you on any additional questions so that we can generate our managing agency agreement and confirm your ownership of the property.

We handle the entire transfer process. Once you sign our agreement, we do the rest. We notify your tenant, the previous property manager and any other relevant parties. We’ll also work with your previous agent to smoothly transition your file and hand over the keys.

We charge you nothing until we officially start managing your property.

What if I have more questions?

Choosing the right tenant manager is important. We believe that we are a great choice & we would love to give you all the information you need to choose us. Feel free to contact us at support@blueduck.my, as we are happy to talk to you through this process more in detail.

How much is the landlord insurance after the first year?

After the first year, the landlord insurance will be subsidised by us to ensure that you get competitive rates compared to the rest.

When will I receive my rental income?

We will make disbursements to the owners within 3 working days after we received the rent.

Our statements are done and available on your owner portal shortly after each month-end. These will show the dates of all transactions in the given month.

Can our tenants transfer directly to us?

In order for us to effectively manage your tenant’s rental payments, chase arrears or serve notices – we much collect the rent on your behalf and then disburse them to you after. Without this process, we would be unable to keep track of payments and the process.

Landlord Inspection FAQ

How does BlueDuck conduct property inspections & how often?

Inspections are useful for landlords but a hassle for tenants. We perform at least 4 inspections per year (and more but only when there is a need). During inspections, we do not just conduct walkthroughs and take photos. Instead, we actively compare the current condition with the previous report, using our proprietary inspection process

How much would it cost for BlueDuck’s inspection services?

Four inspections per year are included in our RM300 per month tenant management fee.

Investor Insurance FAQ

How much is the Landlord insurance at year 2?

In future years, BlueDuck subsidizes your insurance to significantly reduce the rate as compared to the landlord insurance.

Can every property qualify for landlord insurance?

A majority is able to, but some cannot

Does insurance cover building or contents only?

The insurance covers contents only. Building insurance is available from our partner for an additional fee. If you’d like this, we’ll put you in touch with our service partner.

Landlord tenancy and Maintenance FAQ

How do you find me quality tenants?

What about...



Tenancy length?

Maintenance problems?

Etc. etc.

Finding you a good tenant is probably the most important thing we do.

Once we have applications, we evaluate tenants thoroughly so we can stand behind our recommendations. Any tenant we place will have been checked across our tenant database together with CTOS record.

After you have selected a tenant from our recommended list, we will ensure that the tenancy agreement reflects your concerns. This includes concerns such as pets on the premises to the length of the tenure.

Maintenance FAQ
How is maintenance conducted?

To take care of your property, we have developed a network of trustworthy handymen. Every member of our network has positive reviews. We do not receive “ang pows” from our handymen. We only hire the right people.

Caring for your property is more than just inspections and maintenance. All we need is your name, email and investment property address to get started. Feel free to drop us an email at support@blueduck.my.

How do you deal with repairs

Tenants will report maintenance/repairs through the tenant portal that we provide them and we'll use our best judgement to review and determine what's the most suitable method to amend the issue. From there, our system will find the best handyman for the job and frequently update both sides on the progress.

How do you determine whether the tenant or landlord pays for maintenance?

Tenants are required to report maintenance issues and request for repairs. Tenants will bear the cost for wear and tear maintenance. Owners will bear all other maintenance and repair costs.

How does BlueDuck assess the issue before calling in for repairs?

When tenants report a maintenance/repair issue through the portal, they're required to provide as much detail as possible and include photos. BlueDuck will then review this report and then utilise our best judgement to assess the issue before matching the job with an appropriate tradesperson.