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Tenant General FAQ

What is Zero Deposits Move In?

Traditionally, 2.5 months’ worth of deposits is required before moving in. With BlueDuck however, you only need to pay your advanced rental to move in. A significant increase in cash flow for everyone.

What happens if I do not complete the whole tenure?

We sincerely hope this does not occur. If you happen to move out prior to the end of your tenure, then we would have to trigger the investor insurance to cover the landlord’s lost income.

What will happened if runaway claim is triggered?

We hope not because your name will be listed in our BlueDuck tenant database and credit agency as well.

Will I be penalised

We will certainly not come after you. However, the insurance company will have the right to make claims against you in the future.

How can I apply for tenant profiling

After you've been confirmed to view with our partner agents, you will receive a text message afterwards with a link to apply for the tenant profile for owner to accept . Alternatively, you can apply directly at https://www.blueduck.my . We usually process applications within 1/2 business day (Monday to Friday)

What is the status of applying

We aim to check applications within one or two working days and will provide updates to applicants when forwarding your applications to the property owner for approval. While we will tell all applicants of the outcome (successful or unsuccessful) sometimes it may take a 3-4 days to finalise an application. If you haven't heard from us within 2 working days and need to make a decision on another property, please email us at support@blueduck.my

What is know your tenant(KYT) Profile

Tenant profile is like an application with information about yourself. (i.e CTOS scoring, employment history, etc). This is to provide owners with the assurance that you are a genuine tenant. This feature is important because deposits are not collected from you. Hence, this process is necessary to protect the interests of both parties.

How can I access my tenant portal

We’ve built the portal especially for your needs.

Create an account by signing up with your email address and password.

You’ll be sent a verification code to your email for verification. Clicked on the link then the verification process is completed.

Set up your banking details for automated rental payments to keep your rent paid on time

GREAT! Now you’re all set up.

One last thing! Allow us to send you notifications about payments, maintenance and important messages. We promise to only send these when it’s really important.

You now have 24/7 access to your tenancy documents and rental payments. Plus, you can report any repairs and maintenance you may need, at anytime

Why should I set up direct debit with BlueDuck

Setting up a direct debit with BlueDuck will make your life easier. BlueDuck direct debit payment in our system:

Is FREE! There are no extra charges

Automatically gets receipted to your property, tenancy and rent period

Allows you to “Set & Forget” – no need for worrying about scheduling payments when it is due.

Logs your payment history on the portal, so you’ll always have access to an up to date rental ledger at any time

Notifies you by messages and emails if there are arrears

Provides you with a ‘Pay Now’ option (in the future) for arrears payments

Syncs to a report that updates as soon as dishonoured payments clear (so you’ll always have up-to-date information)

How can I trust you as the new tenant manager?

If the owner has appointed our company to manage their property, we will send you an email (with the owner attached) to confirm that BlueDuck is the newly appointed tenant managers.

Who is BlueDuck

BlueDuck is a tenant management company servicing customers in Kuala Lumpur. We’ve created clever technology and combined that with experienced agents to provide our customers with a better experience. We understand that communication and transparency are so important, and that’s why we’ve created a system that gives you access to your information - as well as direct contact with our experienced manager - 24/7. We resolve, repair and provide maintenance to issues quickly and efficiently.

Plus, we build our own technology from scratch, which means that we are continuously improving our systems and processes each and every day to provide our customers with a more enjoyable experience.

How can I provide feedback

We take our feedback seriously! We love hearing what you have to say and how we could improve. We are always considering how we can apply the feedback we receive to solve problems and make real improvements.. We are here to make your lives easier, so if you think there’s something that could do this for you, please contact us using email support@blueduck.my

Why do I need to log on to BlueDuck system?

Think of the app as your own personal go-to rental portal, which will provide you with updates of what you need to know about your tenancy.

If you would like to check on the expiry of your lease, you can find a copy of your lease in the system.

If you want to report a repair or maintenance issue, there’s a maintenance request function where you can make the report and take photos of the problem.

If you want to know where your rent is paid up to, there’s a payments tab where you can view your full history of payments.

....And loads more! We’ve created this system to give you complete transparency, and to make renting totally convenient for you. Put simply, it will help make your life that little bit easier.