3 Important Things MUST DO Before Rental Tenancy Ends and Move Out

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Are you feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as your rental tenancy ends? Moving out can be exciting and overwhelming whether you're new to renting or have done it before. 

You might feel worried about what to do next and how to leave the property properly. Well, don't worry! We're here to help you through three essential tasks that will make your departure from the property a breeze.

(1) Decide on Tenancy Renewal in Advance

About two months before your rental agreement ends, it's important to decide whether you want to continue renting with the current property. 

This gives both you and your landlord enough time to plan ahead. If you choose not to renew, your landlord can start looking for new tenants, making the transition smooth for everyone. It also gives you plenty of time to search for a new place to live and find suitable housing before your current agreement expires.

(2) Restore the Property: Back to the condition when you rent

It's important to be responsible and return the rental property to its original condition before your tenancy ends. This means reinstating the property to its former glory and treating it respectfully. There are a few key tasks you should complete to achieve this:

  • Air Conditioning Service: Arrange for a professional air conditioning service to ensure it is properly working.

  • Cleaning the Entire House: Take the time to clean every corner of the house thoroughly. From floors to windows, appliances to fixtures, ensure everything is tidy and presentable. 

  • Hole Patching: If any holes or damages are caused during your tenancy, take responsibility for repairing them. Patch up the holes and fix any broken fixtures to restore the property's integrity.

    By taking these steps, you showcase your accountability and leave the property in good shape for the next occupants.

(3) Give Notice and Keep Communication Open

Good communication is key when starting to rent a house and ending your tenancy, but it is also important if you need to terminate it before the agreed-upon date. Here's what you need to do when ready to communicate with your landlord regarding the end of the tenancy:

  • Review Your Agreement: Take time to carefully read your tenancy agreement to determine the notice period required. Following this timeframe will help you avoid any unexpected costs or complications.

  • Provide Written Notice: Compose an email or any written statement to your landlord or property manager (agent) clearly stating about the end of the tenancy. Include the specific date you plan to move out.

  • Discuss Moving Out: Initiate a conversation with your landlord or property manager to discuss the moving-out process. Address their expectations regarding the return of your deposit, property inspections, key return, and any other requirements they may have. Open and transparent communication will ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential misunderstandings.

But hey! If you've subscribed to the BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program, you can say goodbye to concerns about deposit returns. With this program, there's no need to worry because you don't have to pay a deposit at the beginning of your tenancy.

By making a decision about tenancy renewal in advance, restoring the property to its original condition, and maintaining open communication with your landlord, you demonstrate your responsibility as a tenant. Embrace a deposit-free renting journey with BlueDuck and make your move-out process smooth, hassle-free, and easy!


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