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We help residential and commercial tenants to save cash up front while landlords and agents are able to rent out faster to a verified tenant.

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What is Zero Deposit Program?

Are you looking for a way to rent a home or office without having to pay a high cash deposit upfront? The Zero Deposit Program is here to help! With our program, you wont have to worry about forking out a large amount of cash just to secure your rental property.

Our zero deposit program is a win-win situation for both tenants and landlords. When its time for you to move out, youll only need to pay for any damages or unpaid rent that youre responsible for, as per the terms of the tenancy agreement.

Were here to make renting easier for you.

Happy renting!

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Zero Deposit Program is now available!

Have you been struggling to find suitable commercial space for your operations? Look no further! BlueDuck Smart Commercial is here! Gone are the days of worrying about high rental deposits.

With BlueDuck, you can skip the rental deposit altogether! So, if youre looking for an innovative and cost-effective solution for your commercial space needs, try BlueDuck Smart Commercial today. Dont miss out on this evolutionary standard in commercial real estate!

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What I like about blue duck is that it helps tenants that have difficulty in accumulating money for the traditional deposit method. Not to forget their amazing system, sending notifications to alert tenant to pay for the rental make landlords and agents conveniently trace back the rental and payment.


What I like about Blueduck is it makes my life become easier. I do not need to worry about the payment of my monthly rental anymore, for example, forget to pay and being charged, need to find and key in the landlords account number everytime... as Blueduck offers Direct Debit.

Van Jian

Had good experience with Blueduck. Able to recover my rental after my tenant moved out prematurely. I believe this should be the way to go moving forward. More flexibility for tenant and better security to house owners especially on security deposits. In the long run, it will be able to flush those bad tenants in the market. Keep up the good work!

Felix Foong

Easy peasy payment to landlord using Blueduck service. With blueduck, i always pay my rent ontime. Thank You Blueduck!

Ain Islah

Makes renting experience much easier especially for students. Their customer service is incredibly helpful too!

Linda Ali

Good service, i like this BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program

Ang Ang

It is a new platform that helps the tenant to reduce the upfront payable amount while the landlord gets peace of mind through runaway guarantee.This can be the start of a change in the rental world where a trusted middle platform making it happens.take it like a new "UBER", where landlord and tenants meet to trust a transaction.

Raymond Tay

BlueDuck Tech Sdn. Bhd
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