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A key to a house for rent no deposit malaysia
A key to a house for rent no deposit malaysia

What is the Zero Deposit solution for tenants?

Reduce costs

The BlueDuck Zero Deposit solution replaces your traditional security deposit, making renting more affordable.

Deposit-free renting

Deposit-free renting is a better way to move home and spend money on the things you love.

The Zero Deposit solution allows you to rent your next home without paying an 2+1 security deposit, or you can unlock the money you have tied up with an existing deposit.

Our no deposit solution provides your landlord with more protection than a traditional deposit.

How does Zero Deposit renting work?

Our process is smooth and hassle-free, helping to take the stress out of renting and moving house.

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Signing up as BlueDuck house for rent no deposit Tenant

To enjoy the Zero Deposit solution, just provide us few simple info and document, we will submit for credit scoring check for insurance application. Don’t worry, your credit scoring will not not be known to your landlord.

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After application approve

As part of the requirement and benefit, just login to our portal to sign up for recurring payment to complete the process. Register for once, paying rental will never be forgetten. Keep a good pay record shows you are a good paymaster. Who knows landlord might reduce your rental to retain a good paymaster tenant.

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The tenancy ends

At the end of the tenancy, if there are no damages or unpaid rent, then the Zero Deposit solution will end and there is no further action required.

Zero deposit renting damages or unpaid rent icon in blue colour

Damages or unpaid rent

We will compensate your landlord if there’s any damages or unpaid rent at the end of the tenancy. However, you are liable to repay it or you will not be qualified for zero deposit solution in the future.

How can the Zero Deposit scheme benefit you?

If you’re a tenant, BlueDuck can help you rent with deposit free!

A tenant looking for zero deposit scheme benefit

Rent without deposit will help you pay less upfront means more cash on hand

You can use BlueDuck Zero Deposit solution instead of expensive cash deposit. Sometimes it might leads to double deposits if wants to move into new tenancy while in the last month of old tenancy.

Fair process

At the beginning, you need to go through an application which we will run a credit check on your background.Once approved you will be moving into your new home.

At the end of the tenancy, our process ensures that disputes have a fair outcome for everyone and also to prevent any runaway tenant from enjoying Zero Deposit Solution.

Important information house for rent no deposit

  • This Solution provides your landlord with protection if you do not pay them for the cost of any financial loss or damage due
  • You remain completely responsible for any financial loss or damage due to the landlord, as you would with a traditional tenancy deposit
  • If you dispute your landlord’s claim, and our insurer finds in your landlord’s favour, we will handle with them and then seek reimbursement from you. Failure to pay us at this stage will result in us to passing your name to a credit agency which may affect your credit rating and record in our tenant feedback listing where you might able to enjoy future zero deposit solution anymore.
  • BlueDuck Zero Deposit is offered to you as a choice, so if you prefer to pay a security deposit, you can. With a traditional deposit your money will be returned to you if there is no financial loss or damage due to the landlord at the end of the tenancy.

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