Ilustrasi memegang kunci untuk pindah masuk tanpa deposit sewa rumah

Deposit-free renting!

Say goodbye to cash deposits and hello to hassle-free renting with BlueDuck!
Save up to 80% on upfront deposits for both residential and commercial properties.

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Deposit-free renting for tenants

Better way to rent with BlueDuck.
Application process is smooth and easy.
Helping you to take away your stress of renting.

What is Zero Deposit Program?

The Zero Deposit Program allows you to rent your next home and office without paying an expensive cash rental deposit when you move-in.

Our Zero Deposit Program creates a win-win situation where your landlord gets a verified tenant and you get to move-in with lower upfront, savings up to 80% now.

When it?s time to go, you?ll only pay for damages or unpaid rent you are responsible for as per tenancy agreement.

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How does zero
deposit work
for tenants?

Smart Spending

Save more at move-in, and spend on the things you love.


You can move in faster without waiting for deposit refund!

Keep your cash

Save up 80% up front for better cash flow

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Step 1:
Verified and Qualify

Moving in can be stressful, but get verified so you wont need to pay a cash deposit to move in. So go ahead, get verified and move in without paying cash as deposit.
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Step 2:
Check your email

The next step is to check your email for the verification status. You may send it over to your agent or landlord. They will be delighted to hear that you are a dependable tenant who takes the verification process seriously.
Ikon 'ok' berkaitan dengan Zero Deposit Sewa Rumah Malaysia

Step 3:
Sign Up for BD Pay

To participate in zero deposit program, youll be required to sign up for BD Pay, which allows for automatic rental payments. This is a convenient and secure way to make your rental payments for tenants! Option to make rental payment via credit card.
How It Works

Become a verified tenant now!

Sign up now and well send you an email with everything you need to get started.

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