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zero deposit
zero deposit

Good for tenants,great for landlords

Solve your vacancy faster and better

Being your tenant 1st choice means you will get your rental income faster than your neighbor.

While you want to make your investment work for you, you need your tenant help to increase the ROI for your property investment.

Together we will create a better environment for all landlords.

How does Zero Deposit renting work?

Our process is smooth and hassle-free, helping to take the stress out of renting and moving house.

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Signing up as BlueDuck Landlord

Inform your tenant Zero Deposit Solution required them to apply with us and sign up our recurring payment solution so you could get your rental on time.

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Documents and payment

After selecting your insurance plan, we need the following documents/ action to kick start your coverage. 1. Tenancy agreement 2. Pictures of the property

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The tenancy ends

At the end of the tenancy, if there are no damages or unpaid rent, then the Zero Deposit solution will end and there is no further action required.

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Damages or unpaid rent

If you can’t settle a dispute with your tenants and couldn’t locate your tenants, you will need to make a police report for us to file a claim. Claim approved in a week after complete document is submitted.

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What are the cost I need to pay?

The insurance cost and 1% system fee on every rental collection via our direct debit solution.

zero deposit

How to claim?

When your tenant left the house abruptly without settle unpaid rent, utilities and there’s damage to your property.

Disputes sorted quickly
If there’s a malicious damage, take photos of the damages and make police report on the losses. We will help you make a claim.

Unpaid Rental sorted out easily Make a police report on the tenant and we will help to make a claim.

Non-payment may impact the tenant's credit history and they are no longer qualify for Zero Deposit Solution.

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