Being a property investor is just the beginning.

Before you sell your investment, let us hep you to manage it

Simple 4 steps to rent out your unit

Sign-up for BlueDuck Service.

We will get all your information to our partner agents.

E-KYT(know your tenant)

We filter your tenant for you.

Digital Signing & E- stamping.

Contactless signing. When both you and tenant agreed to rent.

Regular maintenance & Inspections

Contact us through your portal.

Why BlueDuck Service.

Info when you need it

Don’t need to call anyone for your investment properties. Log in anytime. Don’t be shy.

BD Landlord Insurance

Rent faster and less argument with BD landlord insurance

BD Direct Debit

Stop Chasing, let our system do the job. Payment habits starts from BlueDuck.

Tenant Request

Let us take care of your tenant.

Our RM300/month fee

Flat and Fair (Fee Page)
We build BlueDuck system for you. We pass back the savings for you.

Tenant 1st choice

Rent out your unit faster than your next door with Zero Deposits. (We covered your deposits with Insurance)

Focus on your priorities

We help you in managing your properties. You focus on your priorities. Free your time from the stress of managing.

Know Your Tenant

We help you to filter your tenant so you don’t have to. 

Why KYT? Because no one likes a complete stranger walks into our house.

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