Enjoy moving in without deposit?

Get verified with BlueDuck tenant profile today.

Powered by Liberty Insurance Malaysia, instead of paying 2.5 months deposit, you can now move in with just as low as RM126+

BlueDuck's Zero Deposit tenant insurance malaysia write down the note in the phone.

BlueDuck's Zero Deposit landlord and tenant insurance Malaysia let you enjoy moving in without deposit?

Zero deposit landlord and tenant insurance Malaysia replaces the need to pay a cash deposit.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way to save money on new tenancy, as well as highlighting how reliable you are as tenant to rent you your desired house or room with no deposit? This is how BlueDuck's Zero Deposit Insurance works.

  • Smarter Spending
    Pay less, save more to move-in.
  • Less Hassle
    Avoid the headache of getting your deposit back, if you can get it back.
  • Keep Your Cash
    Choose how you spend your money today, but not on rental deposit.

How much do you save?

Landlord Insurance Malaysia

  • Example: Rental RM1,500
  • Instead of paying RM3,750 deposit, now only RM37.50 per month to move-in

How it works

  • Submit your document
  • Choose the package
  • Get a tenant profile - show it to landlord, they are happy to have you as tenant

Why choose BlueDuck tenant profile?

  • Tenant enjoy move in without rental deposit and widely accepted by more than 5,000 landlord
  • Established good record and enjoy attractive rental rate
  • Quick renting process - review, agree and move in
  • With 5000+ partner agent nationwide

How much cost of tenant profile?

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