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TenancyCash – Cashflow for landlord

TenancyCash – Cashflow for Landlord
In collaboration with Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

TenancyCash – Cashflow for Landlord

  • Enjoy exclusive rate as low as 3.99%* p.a.
  • Get your application approved within 24 hours*
  • Ease your cashflow by getting up to 80% of your tenancy

Comes in handy, without the requirement of a guarantor or collateral.

Are you eligible?

  • Landlord with an active tenancy
  • Malaysian aged between 21-60
  • Salaried employees, business owners and self-employed

Landlords can now apply with ease via online!

Landlords can now apply with ease via online!


  1. What is TenancyCash about?
    • BD TenancyCash is an advance of payment (“Loan”) offered to you as a landlord to unlock cashflow up to 80% of your active tenancy.
      For example, RM3,000 rental/month for 12 months tenancy = loan up to RM28,800.
  2. What is the benefit of TenancyCash?
    • Get your cash flow unlocked via TenancyCash
  3. What are the fees & charges I have to pay?
  4. What is the repayment period?
    • 12 months repayment tenure. No lock-in period, settle your loan anytime you want.
  5. What is the monthly instalment like?
    • Loan Amount (RM) Flat Interest Rate (p.a) Monthly Instalment (RM)
      1 year
      28,800 3.99% 2,495.76
  6. What is the maximum loan amount?*
    • You may borrow up to 80% from your active tenancy, or a maximum of RM200,000.
  7. What are the terms & conditions?*
    • Click here for terms of use
  8. What happens after I apply?
    • Once your application is received by BlueDuck, our team will contact you to request for supporting documents or you will received email notification on your application status.
    • Upon approval, your loan amount will be disbursed accordingly.
  9. Do I need a guarantor or collateral?
    • No.
  10. What if I failed to fulfil my obligations?
    • You shall assume all the risks and liabilities with respect to repayment of the Loan. Should you fail to repay the Loan on the maturity date (“Default”), the Bank shall be entitled to claim the outstanding principal amount during the continuance of such Default and shall bear interest at the 1% p.a. on the instalment due until the Default is cured by the Borrower.
    • We would recommend applying if you need it and are able to repay it. Loan responsibly.

*The approval of TenancyCash application is subject to applicant’s complete and accurate application, which is further subject to the bank’s final review and approval. Kindly also refer to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, where applicable.

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Disclaimer: TenancyCash is a product which is created as a result of the collaboration between Blue Duck Tech and Alliance Bank Berhad. By using the product, you agree with the without any qualification or limitation.

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