Set and forget with BD Pay

As a cutting-edge solution for the modern renter, forget about those pesky late rental payments with our innovative new system! No longer do you have to worry about keeping track of due dates or remembering to transfer payments on time. Simply set it and forget it, and our automated system will take care of the rest.

Are you tired of manually making rental payments every month?

It's time to start automating your rental payments! Here's how:

Log into your BD Tenant Portal, which is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Select your rental property and choose to sign up for recurring payments.

Select your preferred bank and submit your information.

Key in bank username
& password

Select preferred method (Cash/Credit card)

RM1 will be debited to ensure it's an active account

Why BD Pay is the future

A white-label payment gateway to boost your brand recognition and accelerate your business with that is API driven. Simplifying complex payment structure, and digitizing collection– all that’s left is your company logo.

Set and Forget

No more missing payment due to busy schedules. System will auto collect your rental every month on time.

Cashback and offers

You can now pay your rent with credit card that gives you the best reward.

Build good credit history

On time payment does look better in the eyes of banks. Building a good foundation for future lending.

Looking to scale your business with payment gateway?

Result proven that with systematic approach, landlords can now receive rental on time by up to 78%.

0-5 Days

6-10 Days

11-15 Days

16-30 Days

>30 Days

Is BD Pay for you?

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Business owners who wish to digitise their collections with your own brand
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