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With the third wave of pandemic hitting in Malaysia, property market is now clouded with uncertainty with the job insecurity and business insecurity in the market. According to iProperty, there are shift of rental market demand from Selangor to suburb areas and rental asking rate are below RM2,500 per month. What is the future outlook for rental market? 

BD Zero Deposit 
BD Zero Deposit was first launched in July 2020. Just two months later, the first ever Room Rental Zero Deposit in exclusive collaboration with the largest sublet operator association – Malaysia Associationof Sublet Operator (MAS0)One protecting units rental while the other protects on room rental.

BD Zero Deposit was designed by bundling together with BD Pay – Direct Debit rental collection system to mitigate the risk. With this, the claim process can be more efficient with BD Pay record (proof of failed transaction), police report, tenancy agreement, photos, bill payment records for claimant to pay out in 14 working days. 

This insurance is underwritten by Liberty Insurance Bhd which has been around in Malaysia with 42 years of experience. 
How does BD Zero Deposit Benefits?
“Was it for tenants?”
“Was it for landlords?”
“Was it for agents?”

Well, we believe it benefited all parties. For tenants, paying hefty deposits upfront is no longer needed to get yourself a new home. Do not worry about transferring and sending payment receipt to landlord manually every month. Let BD Pay to debit your account every month like how you pay for your gym membership.

For landlords, get better protection. We have different insurance packages from RM10K, RM30K and RM50K coverage. For example, if your property is rented at RM5K per month, get yourself protected with up to
  • 2 months unpaid rental + 0.5 month unpaid utility when tenant runaway, malicious damage of house contents total up to RM30K
  • Householder insurance RM30K
  • Houseowner insurance RM30K
With the fast payout from insurance company, need not to worry about cash flow issues but move on with renovation and get ready for your next tenant. It also reduces your headache of reminding tenant of rental payment and checking if the payment is in. Let the system do the work.

Everybody wants to stand out in the market. As real estate negotiator, you can make your properties more appealing when you offer the latest product in the market to your clients, having the competitive edge.  

What’s Next
Zero Deposit is the new norm in the market. Let insurance company to protect you against potential losses by paying a fraction for your premium. If you would like to know about the application process, premium, or claim process, do email us at and remember to hit like & follow button in our Facebook Page.

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