Renting without Deposit: Hoax or Genuine?

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Does a question arise whether is it true that the landlord can rent the house without the deposit required? Amazingly yes, it is true! A deposit is requested by the landlords to cover any property damage that may occur throughout a tenancy. It is a rare case where the landlord doesn’t ask for a security deposit, but requiring an upfront sum can cause prospective tenants to rule out your property. However, if you look at the zero-deposit solution, you might think that it is the most advantageous for tenants only. But if you think about it further, you will realize that there is a lot to be gained from property owners as well. So, when there is another alternative to help attract more tenants and faster rental to your house, why not give it a try right?

With no deposit required as an option, there will be more people interested in your property. This will attract a wider pool of tenants as many people will be more responsive to a zero deposit than a traditional margin offer. In other words, you will attract more tenants and get your rental income much faster. Furthermore, it will help to protect your interest as a landlord. The zero deposit can provide you with security and insurance for up to 2 months of rental loss, unpaid utility bills, malicious damages, and also the fire insurance for the building and content, that is to say highly protected and a fair judgment.

So, what are the best alternative to help you attract more tenants and faster rental? The Zero Deposit Solution from BlueDuck Malaysia has the answer for you! As a landlord, the goal of renting your house is to have a consistent flow of rental income. Other than that, it will reduce void periods by hopping into this modern solution. An extraordinary method to promote your property to potential tenants in this competitive market. This new type of rental is an alternative to the traditional deposit; faster rent out, cashflow increase, and high protection by insurance.  

So, a new renting solution has been implemented to attract more tenants with keeping your cash flow running, and also reduce the stress associated with collecting funds for deposits, facilitating and accelerating this process for the tenant and the landlord. So as a landlord, what can you do next? Inform the agent, rent out with zero deposit, get protected!

Thanks to this solution, the renting market has been improved to a higher level. Visit our website at for more information, if you wish to have your tenants screen through do have your tenants to get verified & qualified via https:/ today! Enjoy a RM14 discount with promo code: ZeroDepositBD apply.

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