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Written by: Putri Nurazmina
BlueDuck Community Executive

In your journey to apply to rent a rental property, you must have heard the word “paymaster” or “credit profile” but had no idea what it means. Well, to explain simply and briefly, “paymaster” is a word that usually refers to a person who pays for something to happen or whose job is to pay their company’s employees’ salaries. However, in this case, the term “paymaster” is referring to yourself; a person who pays their own dues and debts. On the other hand, a “credit profile” is a record of your credit activities. All those things that you pay (does not matter if it is successful or not) with your debit card or credit card are all recorded. How you spend your money and how much you have, creates your credit profile. All those activities, especially ones where you pay your dues and debts are what shape and determine whether you are a good paymaster or not. 

So, in the process of choosing a tenant, agents or landlords usually carry out their own screening process and the most common one is to find out the tenant’s credit profile. By having the tenant’s credit profile, the landlord will gain the confidence that the tenant will be able to pay rent on time. Thus, you can be ahead of the crowd by buying your own credit profile from BlueDuck, also known as the Tenant Profile, for only RM1 (limited time) at https://www.blueduck.my/tenantprofilesignup.

So, why is it important for you, tenants, to get certified and qualified by BlueDuck and receive your own credit profile certificate?


Landlords may be brave for renting their property to a total stranger 24/7 for a long period of time, but that does not mean that they are not concerned with WHO they are renting their place to. All landlords are concerned about it because it determines whether their investment and their cash flow will be successful or not. Ideally, they will want a tenant who can pay their rent on time, take good care of their property until the end of their tenancy, and ones who avoid brewing up trouble that could lead to an income loss. 

In European countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, landlords also use a tenant’s credit profile to check whether they have previous criminal records or eviction history. Even though it was reported in 2016 by Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) that over 95% of Malaysians are good paymasters, one can never be too careful.

Thus! Once you have passed our BlueDuck Tenant Profile screening, it guarantees that you will be accepted by any landlord into their rental property because you have proven yourself to be a good tenant before they could even ask.


One of the most essential elements in establishing a strong relationship with someone is by having trust between the two parties. From the point of view of the landlord, there will always be an underlying fear where tenants will not pay their rent on time or even maliciously damage the property’s items. Thus, the Tenant Profile can be a solution to reduce or even eliminate the landlord’s fear. By proving yourself to be a good paymaster through the Tenant Profile, a small yet strong trust between the landlord and you, the tenant, will be established. 

        3. PEACE OF MIND

Another benefit you can get by being a good paymaster with a good track record is having peace of mind. For both you and the landlord. Imagine being stress-free from overdue rent. Getting verified and qualified by BlueDuck and passing your Tenant Profile certificate from your first meeting with the landlord can elevate that great feeling, from both you and the landlord, faster without waiting for it to come gradually after being gauged by the landlord in the early months. 

Thus we have come to the end of our discussion. Getting a Tenant Profile can have its own unique benefits and there’s nothing to lose in trying as we are currently giving out a promo code that enables you to buy it for only Rm1!! You can buy your own Tenant Profile at https://www.blueduck.my/tenantprofilesignup. When selecting a package, choose “Tenant Profiling Only” and put in the promo code “ZeroDepositBD”. 

Once you have bought it, your information will be run through our system. In the Tenant Profile, your basic details, verification status, credit profile, and residential history will be included. In one day time, you will get something like the sample below! 

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