A WOW for BlueDuck Smart Commercial's Launch - Protect Rental Loss for Commercial Properties

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It was a Happy Monday! Can't believe that we've pushed it through. In a short 12 months, we've extended our Zero Deposit solutions from houses to rooms, and now we're extending our coverage to commercial properties. 

Zero Deposit: A landlord insurance designed to protect tenant-related risks like rental loss, malicious damages or outstanding utility bills. It is used to replace traditional rental deposits in order to promote cash flow and reduce vacant units in the market.

Have anybody done it before, nope. Are we excited? Absolutely! 

This initiatives paves the way for us to extend our product range from residential properties to commercial properties. On average, number of SMEs increased 4.9% in Malaysia. With the launched of BlueDuck Smart Commercial, it support & empowers the brick and mortar businesses. 

"While the country is still actively recovering from the pandemic, the adoption of BlueDuck Smart Commercial cannot come at a more timely manner to support local business owners with its cutting-edge digital technology and reduce vacant commercial units in the real estate industry. This product launch was well-timed as it helps retailers and SMEs to improve the cash flow and expand the businesses at the same time," said Caleb Khoo, Director of BlueDuck.

From left: Earnest Wong (Founder & CEO of BlueDuck Malaysia), Caleb Khoo (Director of BlueDuck Malaysia), Sean Wong (CEO of Allianz General Bhd), and Horst (CSO of Allianz General Bhd)

With this, we will be introducing this solution to associations like Malaysia Retail Chain Associations (MRCA) and Small and Medium Enterprises Assocation of Malayisa (Samenta) to address the challenges faced by the SMEs due to the unprecedented pandemic and lockdown for the past two years. With this solution introduce to the market, we're seeing that the rental deposits can be better utilized for businesses to hire staffs, pay for raw materials, etc. 

"BlueDuck's vision is to embrace the advancement of technology and develop a holistic yet innovative fintech solution for the local real estate market, where it is accessible and affordable for both landlords and tenants. With BlueDuck's solution, everyone can afford to rent affordably locally without forking out a hefty sum of a deposit. Therefore, BlueDuck proudly brands their services towards the needs of the customers and strive to make the transaction easier, faster, and more secure for them too." said Earnest Wong, CEO of BlueDuck.

In order for business owners to enjoy this solution, a basic verification process will be done and this is where BlueDuck Tenant Profile is introduced. BlueDuck Tenant Profile is here to highlight tenant's credentials to appeal to potential landlords. 

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Cassandra Wong.

Chief Revenue, BlueDuck Malaysia.

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