Choosing BlueDuck Smart Commercial in 3 simple reasons.

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BlueDuck, a fintech startup founded by Mr. Earnest Wong with only one goal in mind “To remove the need for rental deposits”. In 2020, our founder laid the first brick for what BlueDuck is today. With more than 2,000 tenancies registered with us, we have emerged as the champion of the fastest growing fintech startup in Malaysia. 

Transparency In Tenant Profiling

As of today, with more than 4,200 users, we have filtered the best tenants for our landlords to ensure that only the best paymasters are selected for the landlords. This is done by using CTOS to analyze the tenant’s payment background taking into consideration the payment patterns and current loans and to determine the tenant’s payment history. This is essential as we would be able to raise the tenant standards.

This is done by first requesting the tenant to sign up Tenant Profiling ( where the tenant will be required to attach few essential documents like employment letter/ business registration forms that would be required. Then, the request will be accessed by BlueDuck’s tenant profiling department. In the case where, the tenant is eligible for Zero Deposit scheme, an email notification will be sent to the tenant. Then, the landlord and agent can proceed to purchase our Zero Deposit packages and proceed with the Tenancy Agreement.

Freeing up Cash Flow

As the saying “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king ” goes around. For any business to progress, cashflow is vital. With a good cashflow, any business can use its income to make progressive changes to the business. In a traditional rental method, where business owners will have to fork out huge amount of money to pay for the rental , utility or even renovation deposits but by using BlueDuck Smart Commercial, businesses will be able to save huge amount by just purchasing our BD Smart Commercial to save up on the rental deposits.

By saving up the cash intended for the rental deposit, business owners can use the money to employ more employees that might increase their productivity, bring in more stocks or even open out another branch that will rack in more profits. With a wide array of packages to be selected, the tenant could select a suitable plan and reap the benefit of deposit-less tenancy.


In an increasingly advanced world, where everything is accessible through the click of a button, it is essential for us to keep up with the pace. To be a market leader, businesses should consider adopting a more sustainable modern solution in accepting insurtech solutions in their asset management. With BlueDuck Insurtech software and advantages, businesses will be able to gain an upper hand by being able to provide a better and more secure technology. 

Blueduck Smart Commercial not only protects business owners, but also asset management companies from bad potential customers which can turn this experience to a sour one for the Landlords.

By utilizing the wide array of products/services such as rental collection services, Tenant Profiling, Email reminders and notifications that BlueDuck provides, both landlords and tenants can benefit deposit-less but a secure rental experience.

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