Top 5 platforms to look for homes to rent in Malaysia

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New to the city?

Don’t know where to stay?

Do not have time and get a headache to think about it?

Here we are with top property platform in Malaysia.

Finding decent housing is a tricky thing in big cities, but you can take advantage of the services of several platforms that focus on the property sector.

Some of these types of platforms are quite popular and often used because they offer a number of conveniences to find housing quickly and precisely for your needs.

So, if you are planning to find a place to live in the near future, Then what are the best platforms to use to find property in 2022?

1. Property hunter

Property Hunter is the largest property media network in East Malaysia, The company focuses solely on the property industry, its bi-monthly publication, an interactive property web portal and mobile App.

Property Hunter also organizes a large-scale, annual exhibition series tour - known as Property Hunter Expo, That travels to major cities across East Malaysia, namely Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

Solo private events which showcase premium properties to a highly targeted audience and PIHex which is a mid-scaled property exhibition series.

2. Nextsix

Nextsix is a comprehensive platform that connects property buyers/tenants to professional agents, Nextsix's motto is GPS your home, you deserve a better deal.

The Nextsix platform itself has several features to make it easier for you to find properties that match your wishes, such as houses, apartments, condos, even project developers that are still being built or developing.

3. iBilik

For an overseas student studying in Malaysia, of course, it will be quite confusing when it comes to choosing a place to live. Living in campus accommodation or apartments is definitely a consideration.

This property platform provides apartments or just rooms with various types and locations spread throughout Malaysia.

The quality of the apartments on the cubicle platform is also unquestionable and varied because they carry out the cross-check process again.

This is to ensure that the tenant or buyer gets a comfortable place to live that is in accordance with what is offered, and the prices offered are varied.

4. Instahome

A platform that provides a seamless home rental experience to tenants, agents and landlords in Malaysia. They have the goal of making home renting easy for everyone.

This platform also cares about the tenants who use its platform, namely being aware of the pains felt due to discrimination against tenants in the rental market, by consulting local NGOs which study the current racial stereotypes.

They also provide a rental calculator that makes it easy for each agent or tenant, so you just have to choose which property you want.

5. iProperty

iProperty just recently listed as part of PropertyGuru which is well known in various countries, and they are Southeast Asia's Leading Property Technology Company.

So it has been confirmed that iProperty is a platform that is already an expert in its field.

Here they offer several products or tools, such as loan services, guide assistance to choose the right property for you and of course a place to promote landlord property.

Here they have a choice of luxury properties that are suitable for the upper class, making it a varied property platform.


Those are 5 recommended platforms in the property sector that can help you get housing easily.

Housing is a primary need, so when looking for housing, you need to be careful so you don't regret it in the future.

Always make sure the property you want is still available by first asking the property contact or property agent you want.

Well, I hope that you will find a property that is comfortable for you to live in.

Let's get in touch with us which actually can helping you in saving cost.

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