Why people build startup?

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Many people think that building and developing a startup is an easy thing as well as working at a start-up, but many do not meet their expectations.

On the startup founder's pov, he hopes that his startup has a bright future and continues to grow.

  1. Solving the problem they are passionate

Many perceptions say that no matter how good an idea or product a startup has if it is unable to solve the problem then it becomes meaningless.

Paul Graham, a big investor in big companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Reddit, etc., also said that "Usually a company that can help many people always start with making a product that solves the problem of the founder itself".

It happened with Google when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google because they had difficulty finding information directly, so they created Google with their own expertise as well. And hey, who doesn’t know about Google today?

From here, we can see that all founders have that burning desire to solve an ongoing issue with the solution they provide. Where their passions lead to motivation and excitement to stick it out when it gets tough. 

2. Building a future

BlueDuck is a job creator in the fintech sector and we're proud that this is giving many individuals to explore the fintech scene and an opportunity to develop their personal growth.

For this reason, it is necessary for businesses to grow. By growing, in a way that creates a lot of job opportunities. Empowering the market, the sector, the individuals, and the national economy.

An employer hires people because the person has unique value skills and proposition, for example, Their creativity in designing visuals which fixes the company problem in user interface and there are no other effective alternatives or affordable solutions to design their visuals.

For example, a company hires a marketer because they face a business problem: a lack of customers.

Also, the famous saying goes - "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." -- Ryunosuke Satoro

Another example, is Apple started their company 45 years ago with two founders namely Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started in a garage. Then their friend Bill Fernandez was the first Apple employee along with the development of Apple at this time they already have thousands of employees almost all over the world, with many employees in the world Apple was able to make a change to the technology scene for decades also it is impact for jobless and economic growth.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

3. Encouraging you to explore more

In creating a startup innovation you need to explore anything you have never done before, of course, there will be many obstacles that must be faced, one of which is experiencing failure.

With failure, the founder can learn many things which can be used to determine the next strategy. The level of success of a startup also cannot be measured with certainty. Well, it is about each small step that brings the solution closer to the goal.

Therefore, most people invest in their own growth and self-development. And failing, and keep failing is the way to succeed. 

In conclusion, starting a new startup is different from other businesses because most startups that exist today really solve the problems that exist for the founders themselves and help each other in many things.

If you want to succeed, focus on changing yourself, not others.

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