Tracking your tenancy details with a BlueDuck Landlord Portal

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Did you know that as a landlord, if your property is insured with our BlueDuck’s Zero Deposit insurance in partnership with Liberty Insurance Malaysia, you can actually have total control over the details of your tenancy?

When you register as a landlord in our website, you will be provided with a landlord portal where you can see the details of your property. In the main page, under ‘My Properties’ it includes the property address, the agent managing your rental property (if you have appointed one to do so on your behalf), the name of the owner of the property (obviously it’s you…), the tenant’s name if your property is currently rented out, if it’s currency vacant then the name of the tenant will not be visible, it’s tenancy status, whether it is available for rent, or currently being rented out and if it’s rented out then the tenancy period (for example 31 May 2021 until 30 May 2022. It also shows the date of the last payment made.

If a tenant opts to use our BlueDuck’s Zero Deposit, they are required to use our BDPay service, which is a recurring direct debit service using FPX where tenants can opt to pay their rental to you through their bank savings or current account or their credit or debit cards. They will be prompted to set a recurring date every month, usually on the first of the month where the rental amount is deducted from their savings/current account or their credit/debit card direct into your account. The service fees for such a convenient and hassle free service is only 1% per month. That means, if the rental amount is RM1000 per month, after the service fees deduction you will receive RM990. 

Another benefit of this direct debit service is, all payment records are kept on our system, and in the event of a payment default or runaway tenant scenario, these rental payment records are then sent to the insurance provider, accompanied by a police report to file for claims up to the amount of the sum assured. 

In the landlord portal's main page, if you click on any one of the properties you have keyed in, there are several options for you to choose. First there is the ‘View’ button where, when you click into it, you will see further details about the property listing, such as photographs, which you or your agent had uploaded earlier into the system, the type of property and its address, as well as the rental amount. It also details the amenities and facilities. Down below there is also a location map. You can use the url of this property listing to send to agents or interested tenants and they have an option to leave their contact details such as name, email and phone number as well as viewing and estimated move in date so that you or your appointed agent can arrange for a viewing or prepare for the tenancy. 

Another button allows you to view the payment history of the tenant via direct debit, such as the payment date, payment amount, status, type and action. The status is either ‘transferred’ or ‘received’ for successful transfers. In ‘Action’ you are able to download the transfer receipt to save into your pc. If the property is currently vacant, there is an option to re rent it (yellow button). 

There is also a button for you to download the tenancy agreement to view or save into your pc. You can also add and view utility bills, the purpose to add utility bills is to both have a copy for recording purposes as well as have it handy to claim for unpaid utility bills in the case of a runaway tenant as the zero deposit for residential (whole unit) provides for this. The limit for unpaid utility bills depends on the plan chosen, ranging from RM1,000 to RM2,500 between the lowest and the highest plan.

The benefit of having this landlord’s portal is so that you have full control over the property and tenancy details of all your properties which are protected under BlueDuck’s Zero Deposit. 

Why not give it a try? If you have properties to rent out and would like to consider BlueDuck’s Zero Deposit as an option, do browse our website and click on I am… it will pull down 2 options, tenant or landlord. Click on the yellow ‘Join Us Now!’ button in yellow or scroll down further to ‘Sign Up As Landlord Now’ button in blue and you will be taken to a sign-up page to fill up your full name, email address, password and contact number then click on Sign-Up. Alternatively you can opt to sign up via your Google account. 

You will then receive an email from our team. In the email we will require you to send us your IC number as a last step verification process for us to approve your landlord’s account with us. Do reply that email with your full name and ic number to start using your BlueDuck Landlord Portal. We are excited  to have you onboard on your Zero Deposit journey with us and we are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the thousands of BlueDuck Zero Deposit landlords family. 

Do get in touch with us via email at for any enquiries or feedback you may have regarding setting up your landlord’s account or on Zero Deposit in general. We are always here to support you.

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