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Well hello, BlueDuck awesome blog readers  It’s September, a brand new month, and we’ve brand new partnerships to announce. For those who’ve been with BlueDuck for a while, know that we're 100% for leveraging strength with our partners. We are proud to announce our new partnership with Rumah -i, a property management company in Klang Valley.

Rumah-i - The Prominent Rental Services Company


Rumah-i's vision is to be the best forward-thinking provider of property management services in the market, giving clients and end-users the highest level of service at all times.


Their experienced team has had a strong background in the property industry since 2014. Thus, Rumah- i provide professional and effective strategies to improve property value and maximize potential. With this partnership, renters can browse on Rumah- i listing page, and choose the property they wish to rent, maybe it is rooms or whole units with Zero Deposit as their preferred package. 



BlueDuck x Rumah-i

With this strategic collaboration, BlueDuck will support Rumah-i with our Zero Deposit solution - which means any new tenant to be onboard will have zero deposit benefit as their preferred deposit solution. Due to a hard time with the world economy not in a good condition, many are still in recovery mode for businesses to pick up. Most people would rather save for rainy days than spend as a rental deposit which limits their freedom in spending on things that are more urgent.


A simple illustration was found on Rumah-i’s website as a show of the differentiator in using Zero Deposit way to rent a house which shows savings of up to 80% upfront.

With this collaboration with Rumah-i, renters can now search your desired properties from Rumah-i, and for landlords that wish to have Rumah-i to help out on property management, I believe this is for you.

How to reach out to Rumah-i?

Check out to find out more. We strongly believe this partnership will bring the rental industry to a higher level of convenience and user experience.  Honestly, all we wish is for renters to say bye-bye to the rental deposits.

We have a few more partnerships lined up with different solution providers in the market. We just can't wait to share with you more. Let's together revolutionize the rental market in Malaysia."

Yes, together.

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