Your Tenant runaway? Keep Calm & Read This

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If you suspect that your renter has disappeared and has no intention of returning to the rental property, In most cases, landlords deal with tenant abandonment due to a choice made by the tenant to leave the property without formally informing the landlord. If this is the case, Don't worry landlords, BlueDuck got you covered, that's the benefit of Landlords subscribing to Zero Deposit, Follow these steps to establish abandonment and re-lease the property.

 3 Events Can Be Claim  

1. Unpaid Rental 

Your tenant runs away without formally informing the agent /Landlord, Insurance gonna cover the unpaid rental for up to 2 months.

    2. Utility bills

Tenants run away without paying the Utility Bills, You can claim up to RM1500 based on the limit of the selected package  Kindly refer to the table below.

    3. Malicious damage

Malicious damage to property means the intentional, wrongful, or deliberately harmful infliction of substantial destruction, defacing, damaging, impairment, or removal of any part of the premises by the tenant, a member of his household, or his guest without just cause, excuse, or legal justification. Damage that was purposely done by the tenant. Examples like damaging the TV, sofa, or dining table, ripping off the sofa, or any act of vandalism. You can claim up to the sum assured of the selected package.

Here is an example of choosing Zero Deposit Package; Your rental is RM2,000 per month,  2.5months deposit it’s RM5,000 + advance RM2,000 total of RM7,000. 

3 Simple Steps When Tenant Runaway

1. Make a police report
If in the event that the tenant is not reachable, please proceed to make a police report within 24 hours and email

 2. Submit related documents to
You shall submit us a police report, outstanding bills (if any), and photos of the unit if there are malicious damages. If there’s a need for extra supporting documents, we’ll get in touch with you via your registered email.
Please submit documents to as soon as possible for the claim to be processed. In most cases, BlueDuck liaises with agents on the claim issues. However, some landlords do not mind being involved. If so, do let BlueDuck know, so that all parties can work on this matter consistently.

3. Claim timeline
It takes about 15-21 working days once all documents are complete. You can always follow up with BlueDuck to check on the status of the claim via email at

The most important quality of a good tenant is honesty. Landlords must have clear communication with tenants and manage expectations from the beginning. In most scenarios tenant are responsible for informing the landlord of their situation in the event tenant wish to terminate the contract landlord has the right to negotiate with tenants for compensation without claiming insurance so the landlord does not have to wait for insurance claim payout and the tenant’s name remain clean in CTOS.

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