What do with your Landlord Portal?

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Hey landlords, do you know that when you sign up with BlueDuck Zero Deposit, you are supported with our complimentary software that helps to manage your tenancy? By using our Zero Deposit solution, you’re also able to access our system through your BD landlord portal! Let's check it out.

1. Document Storage

Imagine if you are still doing the traditional way of manual tracking on the rental, bill, and so on, many struggled to find the documents a few months down the road. With this portal, You, as the landlord, can store & retrieve your tenancy agreement utility bills statement & insurance certificates in the portal. Let the system assist to organize your property-related documents. This will help you save time in organizing these important documents.

2. Add on property listings

Imagine, you have properties, you have visited the properties, and have photos taken, but it's all in-camera storage. Here, with the BlueDuck portal, upload your photos and property details in the portal. can also add on the other investment properties you have on hand. Digitizing your property management, all in one portal by just logging in. The best part is, you can share the link with your agents and start promoting to get potential new tenants in the future. It's convenient!

3. Transparency

The portal has accessibility for you, appointed agents, and your tenant to check on the tenancy status inclusive of the tenancy arrangement, especially on payment status. This will lower the risk of any dispute if it occurs. There are scenarios where the tenant may have made the payment but did not send the receipt for the landlord’s reference, which causes misunderstandings. With that, a tenant is advised to pay through BD portal, with the transaction record & audit trail all in the system. This will be a good practice for both tenant & landlord to improve on trust level and accountability.


BlueDuck provides a dashboard view of the landlord’s property portfolio and assists in providing your tenancy-related information at your fingertips.  

With that, you can now share your referral code with anyone and if they successfully sign up with BlueDuck Zero Deposit, it is super easy.

Login to your landlord’s portal > My Profile to retrieve your Referral Code(Image below) and enjoy an RM10 Shopee voucher for free.

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