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Property agents play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between tenants and landlords. Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose to recommend your service to a friend or family member or write a great review of your attitude or service online.

According to a Harvard Business Review, Eighty-four percent of the top performers tested scored very high in achievement orientation.

They are fixated on achieving goals and continuously measure their performance in comparison to their goals. High-performance property agents are also open where they are open to accept and adapt new ideas and execute. Not only that, but high performing sales persons are also highly curious.

So, for what we’re gonna share next, if you’re reading this, it’s for you! Yes, you! 

Property Industry Has Evolved

The industries have evolved from the traditional way of the rental process to now, mostly hybrid, with a combination of manual processes, with a little digitization. Well, the best part is, you are still here and are a part of the change. Kudos to you! 

A significant change we’ve seen nowadays is the change in renters’ behavior. More renters are choosing to save upfront deposits. The change in renters’ behavior could be due to the overall change in the spending options in e-commerce, or the uncertainty of the economy. 

The rise of Rental Deposit Insurance is able to fill up the gap between renters’ demands with landlords’ wishes. Rental Deposit Insurance, is the insurance that is able to replace the 2 months rental deposit and protect the landlord’s tenancy-related risks.

For agents, it is to speed up and secure the rental deal whenever possible.

Here are. 4 solid points for you to move with the property industry, especially in the secondary market by having a rental deposit solution as a companion. 

1. More selection of tenants

With the increase of OPR recently, people are looking at how they can save up their cash flow for other things. Hence, this will open new opportunities in the rental industry. 9,421 new development in 2021 were launched. This year 10,552 new launches, as a renter's perspective, they have more properties to choose from. From the landlord's perspective, there's nothing better than renting out as soon as possible.  As a professional agent, you can lock n close the deal faster way with a zero deposit offer. Why we said that is because people will opt to rent a place instead of buying a property. There are almost plenty of choices or property listing for rent to choose from the property listing. It is definitely a good catch to kickstart!  That is the reason offering rental deposit insurance is a way to attract and speed up the rental process.

2. Building Winning Reputation 

High-performing agents always go the extra mile to provide value-added services to their clients. as the front liner of the property market, you are the information hub for your client. Imagine you share this piece of advancement with your client about a free tool for them to manage their properties and their tenancy-related risks are covered by insurance. This will give a strong impression to your clients. There, a wonderful and trustworthy customer experience is made. Who knows your referral lead will then be growing with your effort. 

3. Strong Lead Conversion

The inherent challenge of prospecting is not knowing how a lead will respond to an often overtly forward inquiry about their interest in a sale. This relatively direct process can sometimes be uncomfortable for salespeople and prospects, but these interactions are simply a reality of the sales cycle. With tenants and landlords that have been onboarded with Rental Deposit Insurance, their tenancy dues, and documents are all in a portal. You can easily track and monitor your client's tenancy details on the system dashboard. With this system also you can revisit your prospect and also minimize the challenge. This is what we call working smart. Wink ;)

4. Competing with competitors 

The market has turned into a battlefield where businesses are doing all it takes to surpass their competitors. From lowering prices to offering freebies, competitors are trying various strategies to attract tenants. Most of the property agents get to hear statements like “The [X competitor] is offering lower rent, with more facilities, more beautiful designs. How can you outshine the rest? With deposit rental solutions, you can. Why? because with rental deposit insurance, tenants only need to upfront a small amount of money compared to a traditional 2+1 rental deposit, this will definitely a solid bullet compare to your competitor.

A deposit rental solution is a solution that can speed up your deal. Tenants get to rent without high upfront, and the landlord's cash flow is now unlocked with their properties rented out.

Final Say

I love the statement - “If you want to grow you have to do something different from the majority of people”. Since industries have evolved you are also able to evolve and move with the times. Keep up with the new technology solutions that are able to support your business. Join us in this movement. Removing the high rental deposits, reducing vacant units, and let’s unlock cash flow. Click the link for new sign-up as our BlueDuck Ambassador www.blueduck.my/registration/agent and start your journey with us!

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