Malicious Damages - What's cover?

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Our Zero Deposit offers one of a kind solution for not only tenants but landlords as well. Tenants are able to move in immediately without paying the traditional 2 months deposit whilst landlords need not to add on worry and stress on this as we, BD got you covered from head to toes.In this blog, we will give you a quick insight on "Malicious Damage" in our zero deposit insurance!

So.. Zero Deposit covers Malicious Damage. What's that?
Malicious Damage is a form of vandalism and is done when a person knowingly and intentionally damages property on purpose. It is not accidental nor unexpected, but destructive, reckless and usually vindictive in nature. 

Malicious damage -What needs to be ready? 

1. Photo and/or video of the damaged item
2. Police report upon 24 hours of discovery
3. Quotation of the item
Malicious damage is often able to identified through external forces which act upon on the items and often beyond repair. The coverage for malicious damage is based on the package you selected. For example,  The total coverage for the basic plan for Zero Deposit is at RM5,000 inclusive of up to 2 months of rentals, and RM1000 of outstanding utility bills. The remaining shall be claimable for malicious damage if there is. 

Questions? Drop us a message!

Photos and videos will be a good show of the item being damaged intentionally with force. With all the documents ready on hand, you can email them to us at and we’ll be notifying the insurer in a jiffy ;) 

What about Wear and Tear?

Wear and tear refers to gradual damage that you would expect to see in a property over time. For example, worn carpets, faded curtains and minor scuffs and scrapes on the walls are all things that are extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid over a period of months and years.
We hope this article helps the landlord clarify some of the questions in your mind about the differences between malicious damages and wear and tear! The claiming process is simple and the BlueDuck team is here to assist.  Well, for the tenants, remember to take good care of the property you’re renting ;) 

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