I've a tenant runaway. What to do?

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Zero Deposit offers good solutions for tenants and also landlords. For tenants, they can skip a 2-month rental deposit and move in immediately. While the landlord no need to worry because BD got you covered. Sometimes bad things happen like the tenant didn't pay their rent on time. This will bring troublesome to the landlord. 

Today, in this blog we’ll be sharing more on the claim processes in the event that the tenant runs away.

How will the claim process be for BlueDuck Zero Deposit landlord? 

1. Suspect that your tenant runs away?

The first thing you need to do is try to reach your tenant via face-to-face, phone call, any sort of communication, if you still failed to contact your tenant and assume them MIA, the next step is to make a Police report. Information and details that need to be in the report are such as:

  1. Name of the tenant

  2. Mykad number

  3. Contact number

  4. Address of your property 

  5. Date 

With the police report, you can legally go to your property together with or without a police officer to attempt to regain entry into your unit to assess if there are any personal items or artifacts left behind by the now ex-tenant or whether or not there are any damages to your property. If not you will be considered trespassing.

2. How long does it take to process the claim?

You were to make a police report upon discovery that the tenant had run away in 24 hours. With all the documents ready on hand, you can email them to us at claim@blueduck.my. The entire claims process usually takes about 15 to 21 working days

Once the claims are approved by the insurance provider, the insurer will issue an official settlement letter stating the amount of claims and the compensation money will be transferred via IBG (Interbank Giro) into the bank account provided by the landlord. 

The entire communication will be communicated via email. So, do remember to check your email and email us for a status update!

Claim-related email: claim@blueduck.my

Operational related: support@blueduck.my

Do take note that, as part of the terms and conditions of this service, once you have made a claim against your tenant, the amount which is paid out to you as the landlord will be recorded as the amount that the tenant owes to BlueDuck and the insurance provider. As a result of that, this tenant’s name will be blacklisted by BlueDuck’s system as well as by CTOS. 

In the future, if the tenant wishes to clear their name in CTOS, they are required to contact BlueDuck bit.ly/askBDtoday and return the claimed amount back to BlueDuck in order to remove their name from CTOS

3. What if the tenant tells you he/she wishes to terminate early?

In the event that the tenant chose to terminate the contract due to personal reasons, the tenant should negotiate with the landlord on the penalty of early termination of the contract. After all, it is a mutual agreement between tenant and landlord to step into a tenancy.  In some circumstances that we encountered, the landlord agreed to terminate the contract with a one-month ‘penalty’ from the tenant to move on from the tenancy considering that the tenant has been a good paymaster, and taking care of the house responsibly. 

A tenancy agreement is a legally binding document that governs your relationship with your tenant regarding the tenancy.

So, it is highly case-to-case basis and depending on the communication between tenants and landlords. However, in the event that the landlord and tenant have agreed on accepting a mutually agreed settlement amount, this Zero Deposit package shall be canceled. 

Keynote of the day

Understanding the claim process and the documents needed will help landlords better prepare for this unfortunate event. With all documents in place, it will help in speeding up the claim process without having to go through back and forth on document collections. 

We hope this brings a clearer picture for our BlueDuck Landlords!

Well, for the tenant, take good care of the property as you’re accountable despite entering into a tenancy without paying deposit. Your tenancy clauses still apply! 

We are constantly improving our user experience. The process flow may be enhanced. We’ll notify you if there’s an enhancement of the process flow. For more, check out www.blueduck.my or WhatsApp us at https://bit.ly/heyBD

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