What is BD Tenant Profiling?

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Do you own, or do you rent a property?

Oftentimes a tenant is hard to identify. 

The barrier of a tenant/landlord relationship is like strangers on tinder that met for the first time. So many questions, but yet so personal. Just like on Tinder, both parties have to make an effort to get to know each other, ask the right questions, establish clear expectations, and build a sense of trust. It's important for both the tenant and the landlord to be upfront about their needs, concerns and expectations to ensure that their relationship runs smoothly.

A tenant profile is THE WAY to break the barriers.

Your tinder is Agent, and your date is the Landlord.

People rent for many reasons, such as studying, job relocation, financial planning, etc. A tenant profile is a tenant’s passport. A quick glance at a profile generated by a simple process verifies your identity. Send to potential landlords to reduce the back and forth between your agents. 

BlueDuck Tenant Profile serves as a unified profiling that is recognised by Malaysia’s landlord. All you need to do is to fill up the details.

You can watch the video here: How to purchase Tenant Profile in BlueDuck website?

Here’s the gateway to freedom:

1. Go to www.blueduck.my/tenantprofilesignup

2. Update your personal details like IC copies, employment details and 

3. Decide your emergency contact - will it be your spouse? Parents? Siblings?

4. Decide on a package - You can choose only Tenant Profile, or Tenant Profile with Zero Deposit package. (You may leave this out if you have yet to find your desired house.)

5. Finally make payment via your online banking


A tenant profile is a passport to enter your desired home. With that you get to retrieve your CTOS report. CTOS’ core function is to collect and process credit information about individuals’ and businesses’ borrowings and repayments and provide this information to credit grantors. It typically includes information about the tenant's employment, income, and credit history.

A healthy credit score shows how responsible and diligent you are about paying your bills, which significantly reflects your reputation as a borrower (tenant). A bad credit score would indicate a poor payment record, and few banks and lenders would take the risk of doing business with you if your credit score is on the low side

Well, do you have a healthy score? When was the last time you checked your credibility?

If you buy the individual application to CTOS, the price is RM26.50. But with BlueDuck Tenant Profile, it is only at the cost of a boba, which is only RM15?! You may not purchase the insurance package before finding your desired house, no problem!

You have the option to purchase a tenant profile through the BlueDuck system with inclusive your CTOS report!Time is precious.

Apply one time, and this shall be valid for your next 11 months tenancy! 😉

For more reach out to hello@blueduck.my or drop us a WhatsApp at bit.ly/heyBD.


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