Redefining Luxury: The Exchange 106 Tower

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The Exchange 106

Get ready to be blown away by one of the most impressive skyscrapers in Malaysia - The Exchange 106! 

This towering beauty is a commercial wonderland, boasting a mix of office and retail spaces across its staggering 106 floors. And at a height of 492 metres (1,614 feet), it's no wonder it's the second-tallest building in the country!

The Exchange 106 is a remarkable masterpiece created by Mulia Group's brilliant engineers and finished in 2019. It is poised to draw important financial organisations, multinational corporations, and other businesses from around the globe because it is located in the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), a new 70-acre development in Kuala Lumpur's central business area.

What is the use of Exchange 106?

The Exchange 106 is an office structure with retail space on the lowest five levels (approximately 300,000 square feet). If you're considering renting office space there, you should know that the business level begins on the sixth story. Mulia Property Development has gone above and beyond to make this an opulent office tower, and their leasing rates reflect that - it's RM17 per square foot per month. That's a little high for Malaysia, but you'll be working in one of the world's most distinguished and stylish structures!

Is it ready to rent?

According to Propertyguru, Retail Space and offices are ready for lease. The structure is finished beautifully with the most luxurious materials and is designed with utility and convenience in mind. Each workplace level has been thoughtfully designed for maximum efficiency.

What other cool things about Exchange 106?

Inside The Exchange 106, you'll find some of the most advanced facilities around, including high-speed elevators that will whisk you up to the top in a matter of seconds. And speaking of the top, the building even boasts a helipad for those who prefer to fly in style! But that's not all - there's also a fitness centre and a variety of dining options to keep you fueled and energised. Not only that, the tower will have a sky lobby, however, judging from the render of the sky lobby, it is more likely only open to the tenants, not a normal public observation deck.

If you're searching for cutting-edge technology, The Exchange 106 has you prepared with its Building Management System (BMS) and Integrated Security Management System (ISMS). So, come see for yourself the breathtaking grandeur of The Exchange 106 - you won't be disappointed! Overall, The Exchange 106 is an important landmark in Kuala Lumpur's skyline, and it represents Malaysia's increasing prosperity and growth.



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