How Landlords Can Stay Ahead in the Competitive Malaysia Property Market

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Based on the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC), Malaysia had a large number of unsold homes in the second quarter of 2021, totaling 394,575 units. The states of Selangor and Johor had the highest number of unsold properties. To succeed in this situation, landlords must develop creative ideas to stand out from the crowd and attract potential tenants.

Zero Rental Deposit: A Winning Strategy for Landlords in Malaysia

In a recent survey conducted by YouGov, 85% of renters in Malaysia expressed a preference for renting without the burden of paying a security deposit. This shows that tenants want rental options that offer more flexibility with their finances. For example, zero deposit options.

Attract More Tenants and Boosting Cash Flow 

By embracing zero rental deposit options, landlords can attract more potential tenants faster and increase their occupancy rates sooner. The appeal of not having to pay a hefty deposit can be a significant selling point for many tenants. 

Being a property owner involves various financial responsibilities, including service bank instalments, maintenance expenses, management fees, quick rent, etc. This solution can help landlords reduce the vacancy period for their units, enabling them to start generating rental income faster. 

Curious about where to find a trustworthy zero-deposit provider? Look no further, BlueDuck Malaysia offers Zero Deposit Program personalized designed for all tenants, different types of assets in Malaysia.

Making Informed Decisions 

We ensure you find reliable tenants by checking their credit scores through our BlueDuck tenant profiles. This helps you select responsible tenants who fulfill their rental obligations and have a good track record. Feel confident in making informed decision with BlueDuck.

With our Zero Deposit Program, you have up to three months guarantee claimable from BlueDuck on behalf of tenant if your tenant runs away or unable to resolve in the event of early termination (rental defaulted). 

Having a tenant is crucial for maximizing rental yield and the overall financial performance of your property. By ensuring a reliable tenant, you can minimize the risk of prolonged vacancy periods and start generating rental income faster. This income can help cover your financial responsibilities and optimize the returns on your property investment.

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