BlueDuck forging partnership with KOHA Digital

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We are pleased to announce that we are forging a partnership with Koha Digital. BlueDuck and Koha now team the market strength to encourage the public to easily and clearly arrange their legacy for the inevitable occurrence, to preserve family unity, and to stimulate goodwill to societal causes.

BlueDuck Founder & CEO Mr. Earnest Wong  sign agreement with CoFounder and CEO of Koha Digital, Mr. Peter Cheong

Our vision collaboration's aim is to provide better educational planning in digital legacy planning and bring the modernised method of renting. Koha Digital is the next generation fintech platform for legacy planning, whereas BlueDuck Fintech focuses on unlocking cash flow by speeding up the renting process by employing rental deposit insurance as an alternative tool. With the collaboration of two companies, we are digitising the financial planning process with ease and trust. Anyone can now rent out with ease and have protection against any malicious acts done by the tenants which is a complete support from property assets. People can now use any unutilized property assets with BlueDuck Rental Deposit Insurance to generate rental income through swift rent out.

About Koha: Koha is a next-generation financial technology platform for legacy planning. Their holistic approach builds trust and engages individuals throughout their lives by delivering integrated education sharing, unique personal financial health and legacy planning, charity transfer of money after death, and personalised video or letter greetings to their loved ones. Their primary goals are to inspire everyone to easily and clearly prepare their legacy for the inevitable occurrence, to maintain family peace, and to encourage generous giving to social organisations. For more information, check out their websites 

About BlueDuck: Say goodbye to your rental deposits! BlueDuck has co-created rental deposit insurance with the largest insurance company. We help landlords to easily unlock their cash flow faster by providing alternative rent out solutions by using our Rental Deposit insurance and getting on-time collection through the digitalize payment method. We also co-creating insurance packages so it protects the most valuable asset of a person. With the tenant profile and payment method in place, landlords can now speed up the leasing process and get out of the rut of seeking for "the one" renter.

The collaboration of BlueDuck and Koha is in line with the rapid growth of Malaysia's financial technology industry. Koha Digital and BlueDuck are ready to modernise and digitise in helping people in planning in property and legacy.

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