How BlueDuck’s Solution Revolutionises Rental Industry in Malaysia?

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Do you know that there’s a surprising trend among Malaysian tenants? Many people here are spending a large portion of their income on rent. On average, about 35% of their earnings are dedicated solely to covering rental expenses, which is more than the recommended limit of 30%. 

Even more challenging is that rental agreements often require tenants to pay 2.5 months of rent upfront and provide a cash deposit for security purposes. This arrangement puts additional strain on individuals who are already struggling to meet their housing needs.

As an innovative fintech startup, BlueDuck is revolutionizing how Malaysians rent their homes, offering some rental solutions that make renting easier and more convenient than ever! 

So, how do we do that?

  1. Replace the cash deposit – BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program

A recent survey by WikiImpact has shown that the high rental prices in Malaysia are causing problems for people in the long term. Many tenants are finding it hard to afford the rising rental rates, which makes it difficult for them to save money to buy their own homes. This situation is making it challenging for people to achieve their dream of owning a property in the future.

However, our Zero Deposit Program eliminates the burden to pay for the 2.5-month rental fee before moving in. Instead of paying the rental deposit, all tenants can save an 85% move-in fee with a Zero Deposit Program personalized subscription. Save more money for anything more essential than the deposit now!

     2. Simplifying Rent Payments – BD Pay

Introducing BD Pay, the convenient and stress-free solution for rent payments. No more dealing with checks or bank transfers manually.

With BD Pay, tenants can now use a credit card to pay rent, solve cash flow issues, and ensure timely payments. Clearly, tenants can easily manage their expenses.

BD Pay also offers an automated system that deducts rent from the tenant's bank account, giving landlords a clear idea of when they can expect to receive payment. It provides a reliable and consistent rent flow, allowing landlords to plan their finances better and feel secure.

Tenant, say goodbye to late rental payments. Landlord, say goodbye to the hassle of rent collection.

     3. Tenants are Verified! – BlueDuck Tenant Profile

We understand that many landlords may have certain perceptions or biases when selecting tenants. However, it's essential to recognize that these perceptions may not always be accurate or fair.

Our BlueDuck tenant profile now only focuses on smart verification, which means assessing renters based on their credit history rather than personal details like race or occupation. This new approach ensures a fair, unbiased process that builds trust between tenants and landlords. By prioritizing credit history, tenants can show they are dependable and responsible. This helps landlords feel confident that tenants will pay their rent on time and fulfill their rental responsibilities.

    4. Everywhere in Malaysia - Strong BD Partner Network

BlueDuck has a strong network of partners, including over 2,800 agents, 142 property agencies, and property management companies throughout Malaysia. This means our zero deposit program is not limited to the Klang Valley but extends to other states.

By working together with these industry players, BlueDuck can offer you amazing advantages as a tenant. You'll have access to exclusive deals, improved services, and a wide variety of rental options.

Are you an agent? Be our partner today! 

No longer do tenants have to struggle with the financial burden of upfront rental costs or worry about manual rent payments. BlueDuck's offerings provide financial relief, streamline rent payments, and ensure fair and unbiased tenant selection.

So, if you're a tenant in Malaysia looking for a better renting experience, it's time to embrace the future with BlueDuck. Feel free to buzz us!

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