BlueDuck - Financing Option for Landlord?

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Best time of the year, every day every month!

Hello quackies, did you know we had a major celebration for getting the 1st place of the 1337 ventures X BNM's | Alpha startups X MyFintechWeek 2022 back in February?

Very proud and we’re celebrating all the small wins that we have and again, this couldn’t be done without teamwork and to those who said YES on this journey with us. Watch our celebration video here:

It was a rapid growth for our company and we are motivated by it. We have grown from building an in-house tenancy system -> insurance -> payment services -> eKYC -> financing (YESS!)

BlueDuck - Fintech in Real Estate

From the start, we manage to officially kick-off our business by having the our famous, and fabulous product on Zero Deposit that aims to unlock cashflow (which is our mission). We had it covered for residential properties from unit to room then to commercial units for shoplots and offices rental range between RM1,000 to RM12,000.

Followed with our payment services – BD Pay, a FPX auto debit recurring system on rental collection, then eKYC on tenant’s profile to increase transparency during rental transaction.

It’s been our best interest to always, provide value-added services to our stakeholders and YES we’re now offering financing services to landlords!

You heard it right – for landlords!

TenancyCash - Cashflow for Landlord

While we were searching for ways to unlock cashflow, we realize that financing is one of the best options. People apply for financing for many reasons. It could be for home remodeling, subsidizing for wedding costs, medical, emergency funds or even for traveling! But is there a financing option cater for landlord? Now you have it 😊

3 Main Reasons to say YES to TenancyCash

  • No collateral/guarantor is needed
  • Loan up to 80% from your active tenancy
  • Interest is as low as 3.99% p.a.!

If you are a landlord, and having an ongoing tenancy. I mean, hey yeah, it's for you! 

We were so excited to bring this to the table the past months and today, finally the day we've finalized and it will be officially launched in June! 

So excited!



Chief Revenue, BlueDuck Malaysia.

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