Why people build startup?

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Many people think that building and developing a startup is an easy thing as well as working at a start-up, but many do not meet their expectations.

On the startup founder's pov, he hopes that his startup has a bright future and continues to grow.

  1. Solving the problem they are passionate

Many perceptions say that no matter how good an idea or product a startup has if it is unable to solve the problem then it becomes meaningless.

Paul Graham, a big investor in big companies like Dropbox, Airbnb, Reddit, etc., also said that "Usually a company that can help many people always start with making a product that solves the problem of the founder itself".

It happened with Google when Larry Page and Sergey Brin created Google because they had difficulty finding information directly, so they created Google with their own expertise as well. And hey, who doesn’t know about Google today?

From here, we can see that all founders have that burning desire to solve an ongoing issue with the solution they provide. Where their passions lead to motivation and excitement to stick it out when it gets tough. 

2. Building a future

BlueDuck is a job creator in the fintech sector and we're proud that this is giving many individuals to explore the fintech scene and an opportunity to develop their personal growth.

For this reason, it is necessary for businesses to grow. By growing, in a way that creates a lot of job opportunities. Empowering the market, the sector, the individuals, and the national economy.

An employer hires people because the person has unique value skills and proposition, for example, Their creativity in designing visuals which fixes the company problem in user interface and there are no other effective alternatives or affordable solutions to design their visuals.

For example, a company hires a marketer because they face a business problem: a lack of customers.

Also, the famous saying goes - "Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean." -- Ryunosuke Satoro

Another example, is Apple started their company 45 years ago with two founders namely Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started in a garage. Then their friend Bill Fernandez was the first Apple employee along with the development of Apple at this time they already have thousands of employees almost all over the world, with many employees in the world Apple was able to make a change to the technology scene for decades also it is impact for jobless and economic growth.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

3. Encouraging you to explore more

In creating a startup innovation you need to explore anything you have never done before, of course, there will be many obstacles that must be faced, one of which is experiencing failure.

With failure, the founder can learn many things which can be used to determine the next strategy. The level of success of a startup also cannot be measured with certainty. Well, it is about each small step that brings the solution closer to the goal.

Therefore, most people invest in their own growth and self-development. And failing, and keep failing is the way to succeed. 

In conclusion, starting a new startup is different from other businesses because most startups that exist today really solve the problems that exist for the founders themselves and help each other in many things.

If you want to succeed, focus on changing yourself, not others.

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Top 5 platforms to look for homes to rent in Malaysia

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New to the city?

Don’t know where to stay?

Do not have time and get a headache to think about it?

Here we are with top property platform in Malaysia.

Finding decent housing is a tricky thing in big cities, but you can take advantage of the services of several platforms that focus on the property sector.

Some of these types of platforms are quite popular and often used because they offer a number of conveniences to find housing quickly and precisely for your needs.

So, if you are planning to find a place to live in the near future, Then what are the best platforms to use to find property in 2022?

1. Property hunter

Property Hunter is the largest property media network in East Malaysia, The company focuses solely on the property industry, its bi-monthly publication, an interactive property web portal and mobile App.

Property Hunter also organizes a large-scale, annual exhibition series tour - known as Property Hunter Expo, That travels to major cities across East Malaysia, namely Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Kuching, Sibu and Miri.

Solo private events which showcase premium properties to a highly targeted audience and PIHex which is a mid-scaled property exhibition series.

2. Nextsix

Nextsix is a comprehensive platform that connects property buyers/tenants to professional agents, Nextsix's motto is GPS your home, you deserve a better deal.

The Nextsix platform itself has several features to make it easier for you to find properties that match your wishes, such as houses, apartments, condos, even project developers that are still being built or developing.

3. iBilik

For an overseas student studying in Malaysia, of course, it will be quite confusing when it comes to choosing a place to live. Living in campus accommodation or apartments is definitely a consideration.

This property platform provides apartments or just rooms with various types and locations spread throughout Malaysia.

The quality of the apartments on the cubicle platform is also unquestionable and varied because they carry out the cross-check process again.

This is to ensure that the tenant or buyer gets a comfortable place to live that is in accordance with what is offered, and the prices offered are varied.

4. Instahome

A platform that provides a seamless home rental experience to tenants, agents and landlords in Malaysia. They have the goal of making home renting easy for everyone.

This platform also cares about the tenants who use its platform, namely being aware of the pains felt due to discrimination against tenants in the rental market, by consulting local NGOs which study the current racial stereotypes.

They also provide a rental calculator that makes it easy for each agent or tenant, so you just have to choose which property you want.

5. iProperty

iProperty just recently listed as part of PropertyGuru which is well known in various countries, and they are Southeast Asia's Leading Property Technology Company.

So it has been confirmed that iProperty is a platform that is already an expert in its field.

Here they offer several products or tools, such as loan services, guide assistance to choose the right property for you and of course a place to promote landlord property.

Here they have a choice of luxury properties that are suitable for the upper class, making it a varied property platform.


Those are 5 recommended platforms in the property sector that can help you get housing easily.

Housing is a primary need, so when looking for housing, you need to be careful so you don't regret it in the future.

Always make sure the property you want is still available by first asking the property contact or property agent you want.

Well, I hope that you will find a property that is comfortable for you to live in.

Let's get in touch with us which actually can helping you in saving cost.

For more info, please contact : 016-6117154

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Choosing BlueDuck Smart Commercial in 3 simple reasons.

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BlueDuck, a fintech startup founded by Mr. Earnest Wong with only one goal in mind “To remove the need for rental deposits”. In 2020, our founder laid the first brick for what BlueDuck is today. With more than 2,000 tenancies registered with us, we have emerged as the champion of the fastest growing fintech startup in Malaysia. 

Transparency In Tenant Profiling

As of today, with more than 4,200 users, we have filtered the best tenants for our landlords to ensure that only the best paymasters are selected for the landlords. This is done by using CTOS to analyze the tenant’s payment background taking into consideration the payment patterns and current loans and to determine the tenant’s payment history. This is essential as we would be able to raise the tenant standards.

This is done by first requesting the tenant to sign up Tenant Profiling ( where the tenant will be required to attach few essential documents like employment letter/ business registration forms that would be required. Then, the request will be accessed by BlueDuck’s tenant profiling department. In the case where, the tenant is eligible for Zero Deposit scheme, an email notification will be sent to the tenant. Then, the landlord and agent can proceed to purchase our Zero Deposit packages and proceed with the Tenancy Agreement.

Freeing up Cash Flow

As the saying “Revenue is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king ” goes around. For any business to progress, cashflow is vital. With a good cashflow, any business can use its income to make progressive changes to the business. In a traditional rental method, where business owners will have to fork out huge amount of money to pay for the rental , utility or even renovation deposits but by using BlueDuck Smart Commercial, businesses will be able to save huge amount by just purchasing our BD Smart Commercial to save up on the rental deposits.

By saving up the cash intended for the rental deposit, business owners can use the money to employ more employees that might increase their productivity, bring in more stocks or even open out another branch that will rack in more profits. With a wide array of packages to be selected, the tenant could select a suitable plan and reap the benefit of deposit-less tenancy.


In an increasingly advanced world, where everything is accessible through the click of a button, it is essential for us to keep up with the pace. To be a market leader, businesses should consider adopting a more sustainable modern solution in accepting insurtech solutions in their asset management. With BlueDuck Insurtech software and advantages, businesses will be able to gain an upper hand by being able to provide a better and more secure technology. 

Blueduck Smart Commercial not only protects business owners, but also asset management companies from bad potential customers which can turn this experience to a sour one for the Landlords.

By utilizing the wide array of products/services such as rental collection services, Tenant Profiling, Email reminders and notifications that BlueDuck provides, both landlords and tenants can benefit deposit-less but a secure rental experience.

For more info, please contact : 

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A WOW for BlueDuck Smart Commercial's Launch - Protect Rental Loss for Commercial Properties

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It was a Happy Monday! Can't believe that we've pushed it through. In a short 12 months, we've extended our Zero Deposit solutions from houses to rooms, and now we're extending our coverage to commercial properties. 

Zero Deposit: A landlord insurance designed to protect tenant-related risks like rental loss, malicious damages or outstanding utility bills. It is used to replace traditional rental deposits in order to promote cash flow and reduce vacant units in the market.

Have anybody done it before, nope. Are we excited? Absolutely! 

This initiatives paves the way for us to extend our product range from residential properties to commercial properties. On average, number of SMEs increased 4.9% in Malaysia. With the launched of BlueDuck Smart Commercial, it support & empowers the brick and mortar businesses. 

"While the country is still actively recovering from the pandemic, the adoption of BlueDuck Smart Commercial cannot come at a more timely manner to support local business owners with its cutting-edge digital technology and reduce vacant commercial units in the real estate industry. This product launch was well-timed as it helps retailers and SMEs to improve the cash flow and expand the businesses at the same time," said Caleb Khoo, Director of BlueDuck.

From left: Earnest Wong (Founder & CEO of BlueDuck Malaysia), Caleb Khoo (Director of BlueDuck Malaysia), Sean Wong (CEO of Allianz General Bhd), and Horst (CSO of Allianz General Bhd)

With this, we will be introducing this solution to associations like Malaysia Retail Chain Associations (MRCA) and Small and Medium Enterprises Assocation of Malayisa (Samenta) to address the challenges faced by the SMEs due to the unprecedented pandemic and lockdown for the past two years. With this solution introduce to the market, we're seeing that the rental deposits can be better utilized for businesses to hire staffs, pay for raw materials, etc. 

"BlueDuck's vision is to embrace the advancement of technology and develop a holistic yet innovative fintech solution for the local real estate market, where it is accessible and affordable for both landlords and tenants. With BlueDuck's solution, everyone can afford to rent affordably locally without forking out a hefty sum of a deposit. Therefore, BlueDuck proudly brands their services towards the needs of the customers and strive to make the transaction easier, faster, and more secure for them too." said Earnest Wong, CEO of BlueDuck.

In order for business owners to enjoy this solution, a basic verification process will be done and this is where BlueDuck Tenant Profile is introduced. BlueDuck Tenant Profile is here to highlight tenant's credentials to appeal to potential landlords. 

For more information, whatsapp to for more! If you haven't, follow and subscribe to our Facebook & YouTube channel for instant updates!

Read more of our news on BDxAllianz MoU



Yours truly,

Cassandra Wong.

Chief Revenue, BlueDuck Malaysia.

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BD News - New Adjustments for Unit and Room Zero Deposit

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Written by: Putri Nurazmina
BlueDuck Community Executive

Hello, everyone!

Pejam celik, pejam celik and it is already the end of 2021. How time flies!

We would like to thank you for your support in the past year and we look forward to your continuous support!

Our Zero Deposit was first launched in August 2020 and since then we have achieved several milestones including having more than 10 million rentals under our management and having more or less 2,300 tenancies in five states of Malaysia (KL, Selangor, Johor, Sabah, and Sarawak). We are very happy to know that our solution is addressing the three main problems in the rental market. One, landlord’s worry about the tenant’s credibility. Two, high rental deposit price which causes tenant’s decision-making speed, and three, the high competitive level among agents in closing cases.

Residential Zero Deposit Update

Two things that will be changed to the Unit and Room Zero Deposit packages once January 1st, 2022 arrives. 

  1. Change in the coverage amount for unpaid utility bills in Unit Zero Deposit packages.

Previously, our Unit Zero Deposit can cover up to 2 months of the latest unpaid utility bills in case of a runaway tenant. Now, instead of two months of utility coverage, we are now protecting the outstanding utility bills based on amount. 

The maximum amount differs for each package and you may refer to the picture above to identify each package’s maximum claim amount.

Room Zero Deposit Update

  1. The package price for Room Zero Deposit will be adjusted for increment of RM20 each. From RM126.60 to 146.60, RM147.90 to RM167.90,
    RM169.00 and RM169 to RM189 while other 2 packages remains.

Room Zero Deposit was an initiative by BlueDuck and received great feedback from the rental market as it is very affordable and caters to people who prefer to rent a room instead of a unit. The average rent for a rental room is RM500 to RM800. Pairing it with the Room Zero Deposit is very affordable for a working adult as they do not have to fork out a hefty rental deposit but keep the landlord covered at the same time.

Changes come and go but our mission and vision are still the same, that is to offer FinTech solutions to the real estate market as an alternative to solve the market’s problems such as the hefty rental deposit and boosting tenant’s credibility through a purchase of Tenant Profile (like a tenant CV). From zero to thousands to millions of rentals under BlueDuck. We will keep pushing forward and adapt along the way. Looking forward to the future and thank you for your support!

Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for the latest updates!

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Written by: Putri Nurazmina
BlueDuck Community Executive

FPX Direct Debit: A modern way of rental payment

Payment methods have come a long way. From bartering to coins to banknotes to cheques to cards and now, digital payments with the arrival of the Internet and the World Wide Web system. This has shown how much the human population has advanced in terms of technologies. Nowadays, almost everything can be done with convenience and most importantly, online.

Traditional rental payment method

These changes can also be seen in the way of rental collection. Traditionally, landlords would collect their rentals manually from their tenants, mostly via cash. However, collecting cash as a rental payment has a lot of disadvantages. Firstly, cash is hard to trace, and this loophole is often the catalyst to a loss in dispute regarding the rental property’s rent payment. Plus, it is very time-consuming for landlords or tenants who are far away from each other to meet up and settle the rental payment.

Another popular traditional rental collection or payment method is via cheque. Using a cheque is more secure than cash because it is a method where you ask the bank to pay money from the check holder’s account to another party. Thus, there are records for landlord and tenant to refer to. However, this does not guarantee that the tenant has enough money in their bank account and the risk of a bounced cheque becomes high and that is also bad news for tenants as they will be charged a fee from the bank due to that.

Modern rental payment method

Moving forward and we’re now in the 21st century and are at the end of 2021. Time and technological advancement have revolutionized the system for payment methods by introducing Credit Card and Direct Debit payment methods and it is a trend that people are picking up fast. Here at BlueDuck, we are also riding the wave and is using Direct Debit or Credit Card in our system to help landlord and tenants to settle their rent! 

Direct Debit is the most preferred payment method in modern times as it is an automated payment collection that collects regular and recurring payments directly from a person’s bank account with a single authorization. Meanwhile, a Credit card enables its user to pay for goods or services in advance and are billed later (usually a month after).

Advantages of using Direct Debit/Credit Card to pay or collect rent

By using our Zero Deposit solution or FPX Rental Collection service (subscribed ala carte by the landlord), tenants are required to sign up to Direct Debit to ease their payment process and for landlords, their rental collection. Here are some advantages both tenant and landlord will get by using our direct debit system:

  1. Set and forget

Once the tenant has signed up for direct debit, they can just forget about their rental payment every month. Why? Because Direct Debit only needs a one-time authorization for it to automatically collect payment from the tenant’s bank account automatically after that. So, chillax because you don’t have to do anything more after signing up to Direct Debit. For BlueDuck tenants, you can authorize your Direct Debit rental collection through this link:

    2.  No more late payments

Auto-collection = no more late payment. As long as the tenant has enough money in their bank account, they know that their rent is paid automatically, on time. One less worry for both tenant and landlord on late rental payment. Never miss a rental payment ever again and tenants can avoid a late payment penalty. Here at BlueDuck, it has been proven that Direct Debit lowers the default rate and increased rental collection time compared to those who did not use Direct Debit.

    3. Convenient

Direct Debit is super duper convenient. Remember those times where you had to drive to the bank and line up at the ATM machine or at the counter to make a rental payment or post a cheque? Say goodbye to those times as, again, signing up to Direct Debit is a one-time thing PLUS it’s online!

Another inconvenience gone is when neither tenant nor landlord must meet up with each other to settle the rental payment. This is very convenient and time-saving for landlords too, especially if they live far away from their rental property.

    4. Security

Fret not and join the trend as Direct Debit is one of the most secured payment platforms currently. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about thinking if what you’re signing up for is a fraud. Don’t worry, because for a business to set up a direct debit, they must through screening and strict regulations from Bank Negara.

Towards contactless and cardless future

Time is going by fast, and human technological advancement is unstoppable. Direct Debit may not be a thing in the early 2000s, but it is now, especially after COVID-19 happened. The trend of paying things through Direct Debit/Credit Card is on the rise as people believe that contactless payment lessens the risk of getting the virus. Plus, the increase of smartphone ownership and mobile financial tools are making things accessible just by the tip of people’s fingers. 

Tenants, buy our Zero Deposit package now to save up to 75% of your money from paying the traditional security rental deposit and sign up to our FPX rental collection system via a tenant login portal. You can buy it now at this link

Landlords, our FPX rental collection system is also available ala carte. Just contact our BlueDuck team at 016 – 611 7154 ( and we will help you set it up!

Don’t forget to follow our social media pages for the latest updates!

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