Rental Property Damages: Malicious Damage and Wear and Tear 😟

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If you're a landlord, you've likely encountered a situation where tenants have damaged your rental property. Yes, we know how it can be a frustrating and disheartening experience. But wait a minute, did you know that not all damage is categorized as the same? Let’s take a look at it…

MALICIOUS DAMAGE - Intentional and Unnatural 

Malicious damage refers to intentional acts of harm or destruction inflicted upon the landlord's property or belongings. This awful situation is causing harm and financial loss to the property owner.

Examples of Malicious Damage

  • Purposely drawing or painting on the walls.

  • Doors or cabinets are forcefully broken or ripped off.

  • Countertops are getting burned intentionally. 

  • Deliberate destruction


WEAR AND TEAR: Long-term use leads to natural aging

Wear and tear in rental property means that things naturally get worn out or damaged over time. It occurs gradually as tenants conduct regular activities in the rental property. It's just a normal part of how things age and show signs of use over time.

Examples might be the wear and tear

  • Faded Paint and Curtain: Throughout a lease, the paint on the walls and the curtain may gradually fade or lose its original color due to exposure to sunlight or regular cleaning.

  • Scuffed Floors: Floors in high-traffic areas, such as entryways or hallways, may develop scuff marks or minor scratches from regular foot traffic.

  • Loose Door Handles: With repeated use, door handles or knobs may become slightly loose or less sturdy, requiring tightening or replacement over time.

  • Bathroom Tiles: May crack or chip over time due to regular use.

  • Loose or Squeaky Floorboards: With everyday walking, floorboards can become loose or develop squeaks.

We all know how unpleasant it is when someone purposefully damages our belongings. But we must understand that objects have a limited lifespan and can help us set realistic expectations and take appropriate measures to maintain and replace items when needed.

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Why is it Important to Rent a Comfortable House? - Tips for Malaysia Tenants 2023

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When choosing a rental property, comfort should be a top priority for tenants. A comfortable house goes beyond just providing a place to live; it can significantly impact various aspects of our lives, including our health, relaxation, productivity, and social life.

        1. For Health: A Safe Haven for Well-being

        A comfortable house promotes good health by providing a safe and healthy environment. Consider these essential factors:

  • Adequate Space: A comfortable house provides enough space for movement, allowing you to engage in physical activities and exercise routines, essential for maintaining good physical health.

  • Good Air Quality: Opt for a house with proper ventilation and well-maintained air conditioning systems. Fresh and clean air reduces the risk of respiratory problems and enhances overall well-being.

  • Natural Light: Seek houses with ample natural light. Sunlight brightens living spaces and helps regulate our circadian rhythms, improving sleep quality and mood.

  • Comfortable Temperature: A house with efficient heating and cooling systems ensures a comfortable indoor temperature, promoting physical and mental well-being.

    2. For Relaxation: Unwind in Tranquil Surroundings

        A comfortable house creates a relaxing environment that allows you to unwind and reduce stress levels. Consider the following elements:

  • Furniture: Look for well-designed, ergonomically sound furniture that supports your body and offers a cosy relaxing place.

  • Soft Lighting: Opt for warm and soft lighting options to create a calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tranquillity.

  • Soothing Colors: Choose paint colours and decor that evoke a sense of calmness, such as soft blues, greens, or earth tones.

    3. For Productivity: A Haven for Focus and Success

        A comfortable house can enhance your productivity and job satisfaction. Consider these tips for creating a comfortable and organized workspace:

  • Comfortable Seating: Invest in a comfortable chair and set up a dedicated workspace that promotes good posture and reduces physical discomfort.

  • Adequate Lighting: Ensure ample lighting in your workspace to reduce eye strain and improve focus.

  • Noise Reduction: Select a quiet area in the house for your workspace to minimize distractions and foster concentration.

    4. For Social Life: A Space to Connect and Bond

        A comfortable house can facilitate social activities and nurture a sense of community. Consider these aspects:

  • Entertaining Space: Look for a house that offers a spacious living room or outdoor area where you can entertain guests and create memorable experiences with family and friends.

  • Community Amenities: Explore rental properties that provide access to shared facilities like a clubhouse, swimming pool, or community garden, which can enhance your social interactions.

  • Neighbourhood Considerations: Research the neighbourhood to ensure it aligns with your social preferences, such as proximity to parks, restaurants, or community centres.

    Renting a comfortable house is crucial for tenants in Malaysia as it positively affects their health, relaxation, productivity, and social life.

    Prioritizing comfort when searching for a rental home leads to a happier living experience. 

    BlueDuck's Zero Deposit program allows you to rent a house by saving up to *85% on move-in fees.

    Discover more at and begin your journey to a comfortable and affordable rental experience.

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3 Important Things MUST DO Before Rental Tenancy Ends and Move Out

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Are you feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness as your rental tenancy ends? Moving out can be exciting and overwhelming whether you're new to renting or have done it before. 

You might feel worried about what to do next and how to leave the property properly. Well, don't worry! We're here to help you through three essential tasks that will make your departure from the property a breeze.

(1) Decide on Tenancy Renewal in Advance

About two months before your rental agreement ends, it's important to decide whether you want to continue renting with the current property. 

This gives both you and your landlord enough time to plan ahead. If you choose not to renew, your landlord can start looking for new tenants, making the transition smooth for everyone. It also gives you plenty of time to search for a new place to live and find suitable housing before your current agreement expires.

(2) Restore the Property: Back to the condition when you rent

It's important to be responsible and return the rental property to its original condition before your tenancy ends. This means reinstating the property to its former glory and treating it respectfully. There are a few key tasks you should complete to achieve this:

  • Air Conditioning Service: Arrange for a professional air conditioning service to ensure it is properly working.

  • Cleaning the Entire House: Take the time to clean every corner of the house thoroughly. From floors to windows, appliances to fixtures, ensure everything is tidy and presentable. 

  • Hole Patching: If any holes or damages are caused during your tenancy, take responsibility for repairing them. Patch up the holes and fix any broken fixtures to restore the property's integrity.

    By taking these steps, you showcase your accountability and leave the property in good shape for the next occupants.

(3) Give Notice and Keep Communication Open

Good communication is key when starting to rent a house and ending your tenancy, but it is also important if you need to terminate it before the agreed-upon date. Here's what you need to do when ready to communicate with your landlord regarding the end of the tenancy:

  • Review Your Agreement: Take time to carefully read your tenancy agreement to determine the notice period required. Following this timeframe will help you avoid any unexpected costs or complications.

  • Provide Written Notice: Compose an email or any written statement to your landlord or property manager (agent) clearly stating about the end of the tenancy. Include the specific date you plan to move out.

  • Discuss Moving Out: Initiate a conversation with your landlord or property manager to discuss the moving-out process. Address their expectations regarding the return of your deposit, property inspections, key return, and any other requirements they may have. Open and transparent communication will ensure a smooth transition and minimize any potential misunderstandings.

But hey! If you've subscribed to the BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program, you can say goodbye to concerns about deposit returns. With this program, there's no need to worry because you don't have to pay a deposit at the beginning of your tenancy.

By making a decision about tenancy renewal in advance, restoring the property to its original condition, and maintaining open communication with your landlord, you demonstrate your responsibility as a tenant. Embrace a deposit-free renting journey with BlueDuck and make your move-out process smooth, hassle-free, and easy!


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How BlueDuck’s Solution Revolutionises Rental Industry in Malaysia?

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Do you know that there’s a surprising trend among Malaysian tenants? Many people here are spending a large portion of their income on rent. On average, about 35% of their earnings are dedicated solely to covering rental expenses, which is more than the recommended limit of 30%. 

Even more challenging is that rental agreements often require tenants to pay 2.5 months of rent upfront and provide a cash deposit for security purposes. This arrangement puts additional strain on individuals who are already struggling to meet their housing needs.

As an innovative fintech startup, BlueDuck is revolutionizing how Malaysians rent their homes, offering some rental solutions that make renting easier and more convenient than ever! 

So, how do we do that?

  1. Replace the cash deposit – BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program

A recent survey by WikiImpact has shown that the high rental prices in Malaysia are causing problems for people in the long term. Many tenants are finding it hard to afford the rising rental rates, which makes it difficult for them to save money to buy their own homes. This situation is making it challenging for people to achieve their dream of owning a property in the future.

However, our Zero Deposit Program eliminates the burden to pay for the 2.5-month rental fee before moving in. Instead of paying the rental deposit, all tenants can save an 85% move-in fee with a Zero Deposit Program personalized subscription. Save more money for anything more essential than the deposit now!

     2. Simplifying Rent Payments – BD Pay

Introducing BD Pay, the convenient and stress-free solution for rent payments. No more dealing with checks or bank transfers manually.

With BD Pay, tenants can now use a credit card to pay rent, solve cash flow issues, and ensure timely payments. Clearly, tenants can easily manage their expenses.

BD Pay also offers an automated system that deducts rent from the tenant's bank account, giving landlords a clear idea of when they can expect to receive payment. It provides a reliable and consistent rent flow, allowing landlords to plan their finances better and feel secure.

Tenant, say goodbye to late rental payments. Landlord, say goodbye to the hassle of rent collection.

     3. Tenants are Verified! – BlueDuck Tenant Profile

We understand that many landlords may have certain perceptions or biases when selecting tenants. However, it's essential to recognize that these perceptions may not always be accurate or fair.

Our BlueDuck tenant profile now only focuses on smart verification, which means assessing renters based on their credit history rather than personal details like race or occupation. This new approach ensures a fair, unbiased process that builds trust between tenants and landlords. By prioritizing credit history, tenants can show they are dependable and responsible. This helps landlords feel confident that tenants will pay their rent on time and fulfill their rental responsibilities.

    4. Everywhere in Malaysia - Strong BD Partner Network

BlueDuck has a strong network of partners, including over 2,800 agents, 142 property agencies, and property management companies throughout Malaysia. This means our zero deposit program is not limited to the Klang Valley but extends to other states.

By working together with these industry players, BlueDuck can offer you amazing advantages as a tenant. You'll have access to exclusive deals, improved services, and a wide variety of rental options.

Are you an agent? Be our partner today! 

No longer do tenants have to struggle with the financial burden of upfront rental costs or worry about manual rent payments. BlueDuck's offerings provide financial relief, streamline rent payments, and ensure fair and unbiased tenant selection.

So, if you're a tenant in Malaysia looking for a better renting experience, it's time to embrace the future with BlueDuck. Feel free to buzz us!

*T&C Apply.

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3 Malaysia Property Listings Platform to Rent Happily with BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program 2023!

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If you wish to shorten more time in discovering the BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program properties, do you know you can get on board by visiting our partners' websites? Yes, it's true! 

So, BlueDuck’s here to show you the property websites that offer rental properties with Zero Deposit Program

    1. Nextsix 

    It's a comprehensive platform connecting property buyers and tenants with professional agents. With a user-friendly GPS-based search feature, users can easily locate nearby agents and access property listings as they explore specific areas. 

    This innovative feature simplifies the property search process, allowing users to find their desired properties while on the go easily. For example, whether they are in a new neighbourhood or visiting a specific location, the GPS-based search feature ensures that users can quickly connect with professional agents and explore available properties, enhancing their overall experience with Nextsix.

        2. Rumah-i

    Rumah-i is a property website in Malaysia that provides a platform for users to buy, sell, or rent properties. They have a special feature called iDD, which utilizes BD's direct debit BD Pay. This feature allows tenants to pay their rent using a credit card while it provides convenience for tenants and helps streamline the rental payment process. 

    Rumah-i also provides property management services, making it easier for property owners to handle their properties. For example, make over the property to appeal to their tenant demographic, repair and maintenance service, online rental payment gateway, rental monitoring, etc.

          3. Stay Woke Property 

    It aims to provide a fresh and modern approach to the property market in Malaysia. The website offers a range of properties for sale or rent, including houses, apartments, and commercial properties. Users can search for properties based on their preferences such as location, price, and property type.

    SWP also provides affordable property management services for landlords, as low as RM1/day. This can allow the landlord to list their properties on the website and reach a wider audience. Besides, they can connect you with trustworthy agents for your property, giving you peace of mind. Landlords can now list their properties on SWP HERE

    So now you know plenty of websites where you can easily. It's a game-changer for tenants seeking a hassle-free renting experience. If you're ready to say goodbye to security deposits and hello to a smoother journey, visit us at

    Feel free to contact us for more information about the Zero Deposit Program and how it can benefit you. We're here to help you find your dream rental without the deposit burden. Happy renting!

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    How Landlords Can Stay Ahead in the Competitive Malaysia Property Market

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    Based on the National Property Information Centre (NAPIC), Malaysia had a large number of unsold homes in the second quarter of 2021, totaling 394,575 units. The states of Selangor and Johor had the highest number of unsold properties. To succeed in this situation, landlords must develop creative ideas to stand out from the crowd and attract potential tenants.

    Zero Rental Deposit: A Winning Strategy for Landlords in Malaysia

    In a recent survey conducted by YouGov , 85% of renters in Malaysia expressed a preference for renting without the burden of paying a security deposit. This shows that tenants want rental options that offer more flexibility with their finances. For example, zero deposit options.

    Attract More Tenants and Boosting Cash Flow 

    By embracing zero rental deposit options, landlords can attract more potential tenants faster and increase their occupancy rates sooner. The appeal of not having to pay a hefty deposit can be a significant selling point for many tenants. 

    Being a property owner involves various financial responsibilities, including service bank instalments, maintenance expenses, management fees, quick rent, etc. This solution can help landlords reduce the vacancy period for their units, enabling them to start generating rental income faster. 

    Curious about where to find a trustworthy zero-deposit provider? Look no further, BlueDuck Malaysia offers Zero Deposit Program personalized designed for all tenants, different types of assets in Malaysia.

    Making Informed Decisions 

    We ensure you find reliable tenants by checking their credit scores through our BlueDuck tenant profiles. This helps you select responsible tenants who fulfill their rental obligations and have a good track record. Feel confident in making informed decision with BlueDuck.

    With our Zero Deposit Program, you have up to three months guarantee claimable from BlueDuck on behalf of tenant if your tenant runs away or unable to resolve in the event of early termination (rental defaulted). 

    Having a tenant is crucial for maximizing rental yield and the overall financial performance of your property. By ensuring a reliable tenant, you can minimize the risk of prolonged vacancy periods and start generating rental income faster. This income can help cover your financial responsibilities and optimize the returns on your property investment.

    To learn more about how this program can benefit you, visit

    Join us as a BD landlord today by registering a landlord account. Then our personnel will be in touch with you for a call. See you soon! 

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