Know more about BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance

Sign up / Application

How to get my BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance?

You just need to fill up / prepare the following document before you can proceed. (Sign up now)

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Emergency contact
  • Identity document
  • Employment Letter / University Admission Letter / Staff tag
  • Proof of having Malaysia online banking account
    (Overview page with your name and bank logo)

How do I check the status of my insurance application?

You can login to to check your insurance application status. Also, you will receive a notification email on the approval status.

How do I check the validity of the insurance?

You or your landlord can always visit to check your insurance validity using the BlueDuck ID.

Will I get rejected for applying BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance?

We will review on the insurance application and you might be rejected based on our criteria.
However, the paid insurance package will be refunded if application is failed (excluding the tenant profile fee).

Cost / Insurance Premium

How much is the BlueDuck Zero Deposit package cost?

It is RM15 + insurance premium based on your choice

Room Package

*coverage included on maximum two month rental loss

Room Rate Cost Coverage
A RM500 and below RM126.60 RM1,000
B RM501 – RM600 RM147.80 RM1,200
C RM601 – RM900 RM169.00 RM1,800
D RM901 – RM1,250 RM260.00 RM2,500
E RM1,251 and above RM350.00 RM4,000

House Package

*coverage included on maximum two month rental loss, outstanding utility bills and malicious damage by tenant

Cost Coverage
RM450 RM5,000
RM800 RM10,000
RM2,000 RM30,000
RM3,500 RM50,000

What are the other cost involved?

The package is including tenant profile together with its insurance coverage.
Other tenancy related cost e.g. tenancy agreement fee is not included

How do I use BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance after purchasing?

Where do I search for BlueDuck Zero Deposit properties?

You can search your dream house at any property listing platform. Get the agent to contact us and we will work with your agent to prepare for zero deposit tenancy.
For room renting, you can look for BlueDuck Zero Deposit listing at

What if I didn't get a chance to use it after purchasing insurance package, can I get full refund of the payment?

We provide refund on insurance package with 5% admin fee for cancellation. But not refundable for RM15 tenant profile issued.

Can I downgrade or upgrade the insurance package purchase?

We accept upgrade with top up on the amount but we are sorry that downgrading package is not allowed.

Can I share this package with my friends if I don't use it?

Each insurance package purchased is unique to you. It is not transferrable.

How can I activate the coverage if I found my Zero Deposit properties?

Each insurance package purchased comes with a unique BlueDuck ID. Contact us with your BlueDuck ID and we will guide you on the process.

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