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Written by: Putri Nurazmina
BlueDuck Community Executive

In your journey to apply to rent a rental property, you must have heard the word “paymaster” or “credit profile” but had no idea what it means. Well, to explain simply and briefly, “paymaster” is a word that usually refers to a person who pays for something to happen or whose job is to pay their company’s employees’ salaries. However, in this case, the term “paymaster” is referring to yourself; a person who pays their own dues and debts. On the other hand, a “credit profile” is a record of your credit activities. All those things that you pay (does not matter if it is successful or not) with your debit card or credit card are all recorded. How you spend your money and how much you have, creates your credit profile. All those activities, especially ones where you pay your dues and debts are what shape and determine whether you are a good paymaster or not. 

So, in the process of choosing a tenant, agents or landlords usually carry out their own screening process and the most common one is to find out the tenant’s credit profile. By having the tenant’s credit profile, the landlord will gain the confidence that the tenant will be able to pay rent on time. Thus, you can be ahead of the crowd by buying your own credit profile from BlueDuck, also known as the Tenant Profile, for only RM1 (limited time) at

So, why is it important for you, tenants, to get certified and qualified by BlueDuck and receive your own credit profile certificate?


Landlords may be brave for renting their property to a total stranger 24/7 for a long period of time, but that does not mean that they are not concerned with WHO they are renting their place to. All landlords are concerned about it because it determines whether their investment and their cash flow will be successful or not. Ideally, they will want a tenant who can pay their rent on time, take good care of their property until the end of their tenancy, and ones who avoid brewing up trouble that could lead to an income loss. 

In European countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States, landlords also use a tenant’s credit profile to check whether they have previous criminal records or eviction history. Even though it was reported in 2016 by Credit Bureau Malaysia (CBM) that over 95% of Malaysians are good paymasters, one can never be too careful.

Thus! Once you have passed our BlueDuck Tenant Profile screening, it guarantees that you will be accepted by any landlord into their rental property because you have proven yourself to be a good tenant before they could even ask.


One of the most essential elements in establishing a strong relationship with someone is by having trust between the two parties. From the point of view of the landlord, there will always be an underlying fear where tenants will not pay their rent on time or even maliciously damage the property’s items. Thus, the Tenant Profile can be a solution to reduce or even eliminate the landlord’s fear. By proving yourself to be a good paymaster through the Tenant Profile, a small yet strong trust between the landlord and you, the tenant, will be established. 

        3. PEACE OF MIND

Another benefit you can get by being a good paymaster with a good track record is having peace of mind. For both you and the landlord. Imagine being stress-free from overdue rent. Getting verified and qualified by BlueDuck and passing your Tenant Profile certificate from your first meeting with the landlord can elevate that great feeling, from both you and the landlord, faster without waiting for it to come gradually after being gauged by the landlord in the early months. 

Thus we have come to the end of our discussion. Getting a Tenant Profile can have its own unique benefits and there’s nothing to lose in trying as we are currently giving out a promo code that enables you to buy it for only Rm1!! You can buy your own Tenant Profile at When selecting a package, choose “Tenant Profiling Only” and put in the promo code “ZeroDepositBD”. 

Once you have bought it, your information will be run through our system. In the Tenant Profile, your basic details, verification status, credit profile, and residential history will be included. In one day time, you will get something like the sample below! 

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Written by: Putri Nurazmina
BlueDuck Community Executive


The world is changing fast whether we like it or not. This includes the technological advancement in the 21st century where the Industrial Revolution 4.0 is currently happening. One of the most obvious things that we can see is the trend of offering an alternative solution using the latest technologies to traditional systems that have been long used in industry and one of them is the BlueDuck Zero Deposit Insurance solution.

BlueDuck Zero Deposit is an insurance solution that has been co-created by BlueDuck and Liberty Insurance Malaysia Berhad. It aims to replace the costly traditional security rental deposit that tenants must pay before moving into their new rental unit or room and unlock landlords’ cash flow. However, new things are not always welcomed, right? Especially when it has been used in the real estate market for a very long time. So why should landlords use our Zero Deposit? Let us tell you some of the benefits!


During this difficult time of COVID-19 and an unstable economy, people are looking for any alternatives that can save them extra money. Despite the abundant supply of houses in Malaysia, most Malaysians opt for renting as many could not afford to buy a house as prices are reaching an all-time high. However, another dilemma faced by tenants is when they need to pay a high upfront cost before moving in. Thus, this further delays their final decision on whether they would like to move in or not. By using BlueDuck Zero Deposit, tenants can save up to 75% of their money instead of having to pay up to 2.5 months of security rental deposit. This eliminates the high upfront cost AND attracts tenants to rent your rental property faster! 


Rental properties have been a way for people to generate income for decades as it generates good cash flow and it gives extra income in the landlord's pocket each month. However, this is a story for when a landlord’s rental property is rented by a tenant. If a landlord’s rental property is not rented, it means that their cash flow is stuck and they will be facing loss instead. So, the second benefit in using our BlueDuck Zero Deposit is directly linked to the first benefit. By getting tenants faster, landlords can unlock their cash flow faster. Less loss on the landlord's side by not having to continuously pay the bank the full amount of the rental property.


Let’s say that your rental property’s rent is RM2000 per month and the tenant must pay 2+1 months before they move in. This means that your security rental deposit is limited to a total of RM5000 traditionally. BUT, with BlueDuck Zero Deposit, the landlord will be getting at least 2x more coverage than that! Taking one of our packages that can cover up to RM10,000 sum assured, in case of a runaway tenant, the landlord can claim up to 2 months of unpaid rent, up to 2 months of the latest unpaid utility bills, and malicious damage. For utility bills, traditionally its claim is limited to only 1 month, but with Zero Deposit insurance, unpaid utility bills can be claimed up to a maximum of the latest 2 months (T&C Apply). In addition to that, landlords can even claim fire insurance for building and content. Do you feel more secure now?


All in all, with the ever-changing world, there’s nothing to lose by trying out and using new things that can truly benefit you. Competition is at an all-time high! So, you will need to step up your game or you will be swallowed by other people’s waves in the same field. Be the first landlord to offer an alternative to the traditional rental deposit to tenants and get a good cash flow! Sign up now as a landlord at

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Malicious Damage explained

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In the rental business, not all deals end with both sides being satisfied/happy. There might be events in which the tenant decides to lash out their disagreement towards the items on the property. When a property is protected by BlueDuck Zero Deposit ( ), the landlord will have one less issue to worry about but Landlords always have the misconception that all damaged items are claimable uncertain if it’s a wear & team items or malicious damage.

Now.. Let's define MALICIOUS 

The definition of malicious is showing spite or intentionally wanting to cause harm to someone. Besides that, malicious intent means the person acted willfully or intentionally to cause harm, without legal justification. An example of malicious activity is bending or damaging the blades of a ceiling fan. 


Damages imply physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something. Damage "does not necessarily imply total loss of system functionality, but rather that the system is no longer operating in its optimal manner". Damage to physical objects is "the progressive physical process by which they break" and includes mechanical stress that weakens a structure, even if this is not visible. 


Malicious Damage of property can be defined as intending to cause damage to the property, or an intending to destroy it. Damage can mean defacing, marking, removing the property or even causing it to be broken. It can be as simple as kicking a door or punching a wall. The damage does not have to be permanent. The intention behind damaging the property can be either reckless or intentional.


Types of Non-Claimable Malicious Damage


Missing Keys/ Access Card

Might not be considered as the tenant might have misplaced it unintentionally.

Broken Pipe Line (Internal)
Non- claimable as it might be caused by improper fittings during installation.
Wallpaper / Paint
Non- claimable as it can be claimed for it would mean to purchase and install/repaint the entire wall which is unnecessary.
Wear & Tear Items
Non-claimable as wear and tear items are designed to break/damage after a certain period of time or excessive usage.
Electrical Appliances
Claimable with supported by a technical report stating that the damage was done by the tenant (not by a lightning strike, or old age).
Broken Kitchen / Wardrobe door
Cabinets with loose hinges or worn-off hinges would not be considered malicious damage.
Rubber Items (Washer in pipes leaking)
Non-Claimable as rubber materials are considered a part of wear and tear items and might get damaged due to many other circumstances.


It is always necessary for the Landlord to understand the difference between malicious damaged situations/items. Double check if items are sustainable throughout tenancy period shall reduce dispute to happen during the tenancy. With that, both the landlord and tenants are able to have a smooth tenancy. 

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Renting without Deposit: Hoax or Genuine?

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Does a question arise whether is it true that the landlord can rent the house without the deposit required? Amazingly yes, it is true! A deposit is requested by the landlords to cover any property damage that may occur throughout a tenancy. It is a rare case where the landlord doesn’t ask for a security deposit, but requiring an upfront sum can cause prospective tenants to rule out your property. However, if you look at the zero-deposit solution, you might think that it is the most advantageous for tenants only. But if you think about it further, you will realize that there is a lot to be gained from property owners as well. So, when there is another alternative to help attract more tenants and faster rental to your house, why not give it a try right?

With no deposit required as an option, there will be more people interested in your property. This will attract a wider pool of tenants as many people will be more responsive to a zero deposit than a traditional margin offer. In other words, you will attract more tenants and get your rental income much faster. Furthermore, it will help to protect your interest as a landlord. The zero deposit can provide you with security and insurance for up to 2 months of rental loss, unpaid utility bills, malicious damages, and also the fire insurance for the building and content, that is to say highly protected and a fair judgment.

So, what are the best alternative to help you attract more tenants and faster rental? The Zero Deposit Solution from BlueDuck Malaysia has the answer for you! As a landlord, the goal of renting your house is to have a consistent flow of rental income. Other than that, it will reduce void periods by hopping into this modern solution. An extraordinary method to promote your property to potential tenants in this competitive market. This new type of rental is an alternative to the traditional deposit; faster rent out, cashflow increase, and high protection by insurance.  

So, a new renting solution has been implemented to attract more tenants with keeping your cash flow running, and also reduce the stress associated with collecting funds for deposits, facilitating and accelerating this process for the tenant and the landlord. So as a landlord, what can you do next? Inform the agent, rent out with zero deposit, get protected!

Thanks to this solution, the renting market has been improved to a higher level. Visit our website at for more information, if you wish to have your tenants screen through do have your tenants to get verified & qualified via https:/ today! Enjoy a RM14 discount with promo code: ZeroDepositBD apply.

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Impact of Zero Deposit on Rental Market

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Written by: Sardish
BlueDuck Operation Assistant

Renting, otherwise termed leasing or letting, is an agreement where an installment or monthly payment in terms of cash is made for the entire duration of using a property possessed by another individual or agency.

Reasons of Renting

The most important reason when it comes for a tenant to rent a property or just a part of the property ( for ex : Room ) is to minimize the monetary usage due to depreciation or purchasing costs, particularly for land or a property which may only be required  for a short period of time. (eg: working & studying).

Apart from that,  renting can possibly generate a constant stream of income for the owners of the properties. As the saying goes “The more the beat (the occasions the property is rented) the higher the pay”. Ultimately, the rental income surpasses the property purchasing value and the payments of rental then would turn into a profit for the landlord. 

History of Zero Deposit

Co-founded by Jon Notley, a former Commercial director at Zoopla,Gavin Wiseman and Ben Austin, Zero Deposit is the trading name of Global Property Ventures Limited and is partnered with insurance industry leader Munich Re.

The Zero Deposit is a choice rather than the traditional rental payment, in it is compulsory for the tenant to pay an upfront of two months rental even more in some cases. Rather than paying the deposit with their hard earned cash, tenants pay an amount equivalent to 10%-30% of the customary deposits to move into their new home just by purchasing an appropriate insurance package. The property manager / Landlord will be protected against rental loss up to the worth of about two months of rental.

Impact of Zero Deposits in Rental Market

Reduced dilemma for Landlords

Rental collections can make waves in the traditional rental system. Landlords would have to wait for hours begging their tenants for the rental payments. As some tenants are really adamant on not paying the rental on time or on the agreed amount, this can cause a real headache for landlords who sometimes depend on the rental for their livelihood. 

Zero deposit schemes have proven to remove the conflict that may arise between the landlords and tenants as the scheme providers are a liaison for collecting the rental from the tenants and passing over the rental to the landlord. The tenants who signed up for the Zero Deposit scheme would have to sign up for the Direct Debit rental deduction which may ease the workload as the deduction will happen automatically at a preset time and amount. This would be an advantage for the Landlords as they will be able to collect the rentalon time with ease and wouldn’t even think twice on renting out any additional properties they have through Zero Deposit schemes which would increase the rental market economy.

Increased rental return for Landlords


Figure 1: Rental price differences between Traditional Deposit and Zero Deposit. 

Figure 1 shows the result of a research on rental prices differences conducted by BlueDuck, a provider of Zero Deposit scheme in Malaysia. As there is no deposit payment involved during a rental period, Landlords and agents are able to increase the rental prices of their properties. This increase in rental prices would not be a burden on the tenants as the tenants could enjoy the rental without forking out their hard earned cash on deposit payments (which is done in traditional deposits). This could be a helping hand in improving the revenue of the landlords in the rental community.

More CashFlow into Economy

In the traditional rental, where the landlord collects a deposit payment usually made up of a couple month’s rental. In the case of renting a unit with a high rental price would cause the tenant to have an added burden as they would have to cough up a great deal of money in order to pay the deposit for the property. This scenario can be completely avoided by both parties as the tenant could secure the desired property with just a mere insurance premium payment. Meanwhile, the landlord will have the advantage of renting out his/her property faster and enjoy the monthly payment rental received. With the implementation of zero deposit schemes, the cashflow into a nation’s economy can be increased as there will be vacancies in the Zero Deposit agency, rental fee deductions and the purchase of insurance for their property thus increasing the cash flow in this industry. This would not only increase an individual’s net worth but also to soar our nation's economy.

Improved confidence for Landlords

In the rental industry, not all rental ends with both sides being a happy camper. Some rental property landlords could not have a good sleep at night thinking about the circumstances of the furnishings in their rented property. With the Zero Deposit insurance, Landlords could have a better sleep at night as the furnishings are protected by insurance. In the case of a tenant who had a rough day at work and decides to vandalize the furnishings / appliances in the rented property, the landlord would be able to claim the price of the damaged items (proven that it has been done with a malicious intention). Besides that, Landlords would also be able to get a claim in the case of a tenant run away leaving behind a series of unpaid bills. With the Zero Deposit insurance coverage, the landlord would be able to sleep peacefully which brings to the saying happy sleep = happy life.

In Conclusion

Zero Deposit schemes (  has a lot of positive impact on an individual’s and our nation’s economy. Due to a worldwide Covid outbreak, added with the burden of  layoffs, more and more property owners are making a livelihood based on their rental incomes and tenants would be able to enjoy a rent without deposit. Zero deposit schemes are able to boost the rental market prices, bringing in more revenue to Landlords, Property Developers and Shareholders thus carving a path to make Malaysia greater.

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Penyewa! Sewa lebih Mudah, Cepat dan Adil dengan Deposit Sifar BlueDuck

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Written by: Eliza
BlueDuck Content Creator

Anda mesti pernah dengar deposit 1+1, 2+1, atau 2+1+1 kan? Apa maksudnya? Maksudnya di sini, penyewa perlu bayar deposit 1 atau 2 bulan harga sewa. Semestinya anda perlu keluarkan duit yang banyak untuk berpindah ke rumah baharu. Istilah deposit sebenarnya boleh disama ertikan sebagai cagaran atau jaminan untuk sesebuah rumah sepanjang tempoh penyewaan. Jadi, jika berlaku sebarang masalah selepas tempoh tersebut, wang deposit tadi yang akan dijadikan sebagai cagaran atas kerosakan yang berlaku. Risiko yang selalu dihadapi oleh tuan rumah jika tidak mengambil deposit sebelum tempoh penyewaan adalah kerosakan barang rumah, bil-bil tertunggak mahupun penyewa melanggar kontrak tempoh sewaan.


Ramai orang terutamanya penyewa runsing untuk mencari duit bagi membayar deposit sewa rumah tambahan pula apabila dikenakan bayaran yang tinggi. Bukan sahaja anda perlu bayar sewa bulan pertama, malah perlu juga bayar deposit sekurang-kurangnya 2 bulan mengikut kadar harga sewaan rumah tersebut. Dengan keadaan ekonomi sekarang yang tidak menentu, tambahan pula pandemik Covid-19, pasti situasi ini amat sukar bagi sesetengah penyewa yang ingin mendiami rumah idaman tetapi tidak mampu untuk mengeluarkan duit yang banyak. 


Jadi, kami BlueDuck ada penyelesaiannya. Penyewa kini dengan sekelip mata sahaja dapat berpindah ke rumah baharu dan membelanjakan hanya sedikit wang untuk bayaran permulaan sewa. Anda tidak perlu lagi pening kepala untuk mengumpul duit yang banyak hanya untuk menyewa sesebuah rumah. Kenapa? Sebab sekarang kami boleh bantu kurangkan bebanan anda untuk berpindah ke rumah dengan cepat dan selamat tanpa deposit. Simpan duit anda untuk kegunaan harian atau pada masa akan datang seperti barangan keperluan rumah, barangan runcit, langganan Netflix, mahupun bayaran ansuran kereta. 

Proses untuk daftar profil penyewa juga amat mudah dan adil dengan melakukannya di website kami, isi butiran yang diperlukan dan daftar dengan menggunakan emel anda untuk tujuan pengesahan serta membeli pakej Deposit Sifar bermula dari harga RM450 sahaja setahun bagi sewa bulanan RM2000 dan setaraf. Cara ini sangat jimat kerana anda akan mempunyai wang yang banyak di tangan berbanding deposit tradisional iaitu bayaran deposit 2 bulan setengah sewa ditambah lagi dengan sewa bulan pertama. Cuba anda kira dan memang diyakini jimatnya di situ.

Berapa banyak yang anda akan jimat? Baiklah.

Contoh: Sewa bulanan RM2,000

Deposit tradisional: RM5,000 (cagaran) + RM2,000 (sewa bulan pertama) = RM7,000 

Deposit Sifar (ZD): RM2000 (sewa bulan pertama) + RM450 (pakej ZD) = RM2450

:- Jimat sehingga RM4550 berbanding deposit tradisional. Lebih tinggi nilai harga sewa bulanan, lebih banyak yang anda akan jimat.


Oleh itu, daftar dan “Buy Now, Use Later” dengan kami sekarang di website, klik .

Pilih pakej yang anda mahukan dan nikmati Deposit Sifar yang kami tawarkan dengan sangat berbaloi. 


Bye-Bye deposit sewa. Deposit Sifar, ingat BlueDuck.

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