Malicious Damages - What's cover?

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Our Zero Deposit offers one of a kind solution for not only tenants but landlords as well. Tenants are able to move in immediately without paying the traditional 2 months deposit whilst landlords need not to add on worry and stress on this as we, BD got you covered from head to toes. In this blog, we will give you a quick insight on "Malicious Damage" in our zero deposit.

So.. Zero Deposit covers Malicious Damage. What's that?
Malicious Damage is a form of vandalism and is done when a person knowingly and intentionally damages property on purpose. It is not accidental nor unexpected, but destructive, reckless and usually vindictive in nature. 

Malicious damage -What needs to be ready? 

1. Photo and/or video of the damaged item
2. Police report upon 24 hours of discovery
3. Quotation of the item
Malicious damage is often able to identified through external forces which act upon on the items and often beyond repair. The coverage for malicious damage is based on the package you selected. For example,  The total coverage for the basic plan for Zero Deposit is at RM5,000 inclusive of up to 2 months of rentals, and RM1000 of outstanding utility bills. The remaining shall be claimable for malicious damage if there is. 

Questions? Drop us a message!

Photos and videos will be a good show of the item being damaged intentionally with force. With all the documents ready on hand, you can email them to us at and we’ll be notifying the insurer in a jiffy ;) 

What about Wear and Tear?

Wear and tear refers to gradual damage that you would expect to see in a property over time. For example, worn carpets, faded curtains and minor scuffs and scrapes on the walls are all things that are extremely difficult if not impossible to avoid over a period of months and years.
We hope this article helps the landlord clarify some of the questions in your mind about the differences between malicious damages and wear and tear! The claiming process is simple and the BlueDuck team is here to assist.  Well, for the tenants, remember to take good care of the property you’re renting ;) 

For more, visit

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“As an Agent – I want to secure the deal and get my commission”

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Property agents play a key role in the building of loyalty and trust between tenants and landlords. Trust and loyalty are the main reasons why a customer would choose to recommend your service to a friend or family member or write a great review of your attitude or service online.

According to a Harvard Business Review, Eighty-four percent of the top performers tested scored very high in achievement orientation.

They are fixated on achieving goals and continuously measure their performance in comparison to their goals. High-performance property agents are also open where they are open to accept and adapt new ideas and execute. Not only that, but high performing sales persons are also highly curious.

So, for what we’re gonna share next, if you’re reading this, it’s for you! Yes, you! 

Property Industry Has Evolved

The industries have evolved from the traditional way of the rental process to now, mostly hybrid, with a combination of manual processes, with a little digitization. Well, the best part is, you are still here and are a part of the change. Kudos to you! 

A significant change we’ve seen nowadays is the change in renters’ behavior. More renters are choosing to save upfront deposits. The change in renters’ behavior could be due to the overall change in the spending options in e-commerce, or the uncertainty of the economy. 

The rise of Rental Deposit Insurance is able to fill up the gap between renters’ demands with landlords’ wishes. Rental Deposit Insurance, is the insurance that is able to replace the 2 months rental deposit and protect the landlord’s tenancy-related risks.

For agents, it is to speed up and secure the rental deal whenever possible.

Here are. 4 solid points for you to move with the property industry, especially in the secondary market by having a rental deposit solution as a companion. 

1. More selection of tenants

With the increase of OPR recently, people are looking at how they can save up their cash flow for other things. Hence, this will open new opportunities in the rental industry. 9,421 new development in 2021 were launched. This year 10,552 new launches, as a renter's perspective, they have more properties to choose from. From the landlord's perspective, there's nothing better than renting out as soon as possible.  As a professional agent, you can lock n close the deal faster way with a zero deposit offer. Why we said that is because people will opt to rent a place instead of buying a property. There are almost plenty of choices or property listing for rent to choose from the property listing. It is definitely a good catch to kickstart!  That is the reason offering rental deposit insurance is a way to attract and speed up the rental process.

2. Building Winning Reputation 

High-performing agents always go the extra mile to provide value-added services to their clients. as the front liner of the property market, you are the information hub for your client. Imagine you share this piece of advancement with your client about a free tool for them to manage their properties and their tenancy-related risks are covered by insurance. This will give a strong impression to your clients. There, a wonderful and trustworthy customer experience is made. Who knows your referral lead will then be growing with your effort. 

3. Strong Lead Conversion

The inherent challenge of prospecting is not knowing how a lead will respond to an often overtly forward inquiry about their interest in a sale. This relatively direct process can sometimes be uncomfortable for salespeople and prospects, but these interactions are simply a reality of the sales cycle. With tenants and landlords that have been onboarded with Rental Deposit Insurance, their tenancy dues, and documents are all in a portal. You can easily track and monitor your client's tenancy details on the system dashboard. With this system also you can revisit your prospect and also minimize the challenge. This is what we call working smart. Wink ;)

4. Competing with competitors 

The market has turned into a battlefield where businesses are doing all it takes to surpass their competitors. From lowering prices to offering freebies, competitors are trying various strategies to attract tenants. Most of the property agents get to hear statements like “The [X competitor] is offering lower rent, with more facilities, more beautiful designs. How can you outshine the rest? With deposit rental solutions, you can. Why? because with rental deposit insurance, tenants only need to upfront a small amount of money compared to a traditional 2+1 rental deposit, this will definitely a solid bullet compare to your competitor.

A deposit rental solution is a solution that can speed up your deal. Tenants get to rent without high upfront, and the landlord's cash flow is now unlocked with their properties rented out.

Final Say

I love the statement - “If you want to grow you have to do something different from the majority of people”. Since industries have evolved you are also able to evolve and move with the times. Keep up with the new technology solutions that are able to support your business. Join us in this movement. Removing the high rental deposits, reducing vacant units, and let’s unlock cash flow. Click the link for new sign-up as our BlueDuck Ambassador and start your journey with us!

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Residential Development that's mesmerizing

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For property hunters, finding the perfect house, starting over in a new place, or building a family might be overwhelming. Thankfully, in this day and age, there are sites that lead people to the best rooms for rent in Malaysia with just a tap of a finger. Whether you’re looking for the best properties in Kuala Lumpur, we will share with you the best property for rent in Kuala Lumpur.

  1. Arte @ Mont Kiara

Arte @ Mont Kiara is a freehold commercial serviced apartment located in the prestigious Mont Kiara, situated in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia's capital city.

Arte Mont Kiara is equipped with modernized facilities on these 3.3 acres. Besides, this is one of the most unique ones because of its wonderful innovative design which clearly signifies a thumbprint on each of the three high-rise serviced residences it possesses. The development will feature standardized facilities, including a gymnasium, function hall, BBQ pits, clubhouse, cafeteria, grand lobby, pool, water features, F&B outlets, designer landscape, sky garden, and sky lounge.

The areas are a sight to behold, and fittingly they are given posh-cum-unique names such as Diamond Lounge, Butterfly Floating Mesh Garden, Jacuzzi Pods, Mosaic Pool, Palais Drop-off, Marble Entryway, Luxe Gym, and Cascading Fountain. With a range of rentals between RM2,300 - RM4,000. It's a good place to check out.

  1. AKASA

AKASA showcases the most exciting luxury resort living in Cheras South. Perching on an expansive tract of freehold land spanning more than 430,000 square feet, this magnificent service residence is inspired and designed to fulfill your every need and desire.

Sprawling recreational space of approximately 150,000 square feet, AKASA brings to your doorstep every imaginable recreational facility including the first man-made beach in Cheras, Olympic-length lap pool, sports hall, outdoor pavilion, entertainment chamber, and gourmet kitchen, just to name a few. What a way to decompress after a stressful day or to chill out with family and kids without leaving home. Range of rental around RM1,800 - RM2,500, definitely will be top your wishlist to stay.

  1. EkoCheras

EkoCheras is located along Jalan Cheras, including three delicate serviced apartments, an office tower, a classy hotel, and a shopping mall. It is the main strategic artery of Kuala Lumpur and is closely linked to Taman Mutiara MRT Station, which is also nearby Leisure Mall, it is only four stations away from Kuala Lumpur City. EkoCheras is reachable to Kajang Highway, which links the Grand Saga Highway and Connaught Expressway.

EkoCheras is located at Taman Connaught, a major township of Cheras. It is highly reachable which is located at the confluence of the main roads like Middle Ring Road 2, East-West Link Expressway, Jalan Loke Yew, Jalan Pudu, Jalan Tun Razak, SMART, KL-Seremban Highway, Besraya Eastern Extension Expressway (Besraya), New Pantai Expressway (NPE) and Maju Expressway (MEX). Public transportation is easy to access in the area.

Besides, facilities such as sky lounge and roof garden, shops and boutique offices, linear park, Central Boulevard, infinity sky pool, children pool, sauna room, gymnasium, games room as well as multipurpose hall are available in the area of EkoCheras. These facilities prepared will definitely be one of the main attractions to clients who seek for better lifestyle plus rental is around RM2,000 - RM3,000  in range, with more eateries and entertainment will be available to enhance convenience for the residents, tick this as one of your lists.

  1. Setia Sky Residences

Setia Sky Residences is a beautifully designed serviced residence situated in Kuala Lumpur. It was developed by the famous SP Setia, which is a well-reputed company in the construction field. The construction of this freehold development was completed in 2011, and it contains all the facilities and features to make it a world-class development.

Setia Sky Residences contain a lot of facilities and features that the residents of many developments only dream of having. There is a beautiful Jacuzzi and sauna where the residents can relax and enjoy their time in the development. The residents can also enjoy the pool villa and pool lounge facility in the residence. There is a tea pavilion where the residents can have a great time with their friends, and family members. The range of rental here is around RM2,000 - RM5,000 depending on the size, you will have a resort kind of stay!

  1. Hon Residensi

There are a variety of facilities that residents can make use of while they live in Hon Residensi at Ampang. There are facilities such as the adult fitness stations, children’s playground, gymnasium room, multi-purpose hall, swimming pool, barbeque area, game room, landscaped garden and wading pool that residents can make use of during their free time. The apartment comes equipped with a 24 hours security system that ensures the safety of residents is well taken care of at all times as well.

Hon Residensi has a variety of layouts that may interest residents. The apartment project is made up mainly of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The apartment is large enough for residents to change it according to their taste. The size of these units varies accordingly. The size of the units in Hon Residensi ranges from 700 square feet to 1,851 square feet. Residents can browse through their options and choose the ones that they prefer the most. There are a variety of units to choose from in Hon Residensi. It is an apartment project that was built to offer homes that rental price from RM2,000 to RM3,000 per month, Its a cheaper and more comfortable for those looking for affordable housing units.

Final Verdict

As for rental solution providers in the market, we, BlueDuck always offer solutions for new tenants so that they can save their cash flow on the deposit. Click the link here to get to know what BlueDuck has to offer and check out our latest news on BlueDuck FB Page today.

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New malls in Malaysia! Hooray! Or is it too many shopping malls?

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We are now in the phase of endemic, where new projects and upcoming projects are on the way to launch and in a progressive development by the developer to be ready on time. The economy is slowly rising up and back to what it used to be before the pandemic. surely they will be a new property rental bubble up in the market, and a lot of choices for you to choose from that suits your need.

Here are my Top 5 shopping malls that can bring new excitement and also new business opportunities in our country recently.

1. Datum Mall – mall directly linked to an LRT station

Making the way to a mall in KL can be a hassle when it involves finding a parking spot on the weekends. But there are malls such as Datum Mall, Datum Mall, Jelatek is located new LRT Jelatek Ampang. A strategic location for those who are traveling by public transport and also live in an area. which will be directly linked to Jelatek LRT Station via a 35-meter bridge so visitors won't have to struggle if they are driven by. The mall will be linked to a 712-residence development called Datum Jelatek, which features a circular skybridge with views of KL’s skyline that connects all three residential buildings. Datum Mall was set to open in 2020, but this has been pushed back due to the pandemic. No new opening date has been announced, but most of the building has now been completed, including the apartments. It is now scheduled for completion in 2024. 

2. D’immersione Avenue – new street mall in Mont Kiara

Mont Kiara residents are in luck. A new street mall – D’immersione Avenue – will open in 2023 in the bustling township, and to be another shopping and food hub for KL living near the upcoming mall to frequent. The mall is located just within 3km from Publika Shopping Gallery and in the luxury location of 1 Mont Kiara. It will host retailers covering boutiques, home and living stores, gyms, wellness centers, and eateries, for the convenience of residents of an integrated apartment complex and office building on the same grounds as the mall.

3. 8 Conlay – a futuristic mall with a glass dome and rooftop space

You might have heard of 8 Conlay. The two residential buildings attached to the mall went viral in 2019 when Malaysians expressed concern over its ‘slanting’ facade. But this is all part of the buildings’ unique spiral design to reflect the shape of the number eight. The mall will take on some pretty futuristic elements in its architecture too. Acting as a podium for three residential buildings managed by Kempinski Hotels, as well as a hotel and serviced suites, it will feature a futuristic glass-dome window at its entrance that lets shoppers look out onto the busy streets of KL while they shop. There’s also a rooftop deck here that will host events, bazaars, performances, and more. Completion of the mall was scheduled for June 2020, and it subsequently opened to the public in the second half of 2021. But due to the pandemic, the mall’s opening has been postponed, with its completion pushed to 2024.

4. Met Galleria – upcoming food hub in Mont Kiara

Met Galleria is another new retail center in Mont Kiara that’s hailed as a new bustling food hub for residents in the area. This includes residents from MET 1 Residences – an apartment building under the same developer as the mall – as well as buildings in its vicinity such as Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC) and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE). It’s a two-storey upmarket mall spanning 80,000 sq ft. About 40% of its space will comprise eateries, so Mont Kiara residents can have more restaurant choices for meals when it opens. 20% of the mall’s space will be dedicated to retail concept stores, with spaces reserved for service sectors, anchor tenants, showrooms, and other shops including kiosks. Met Galleria was scheduled to open in 2021. Currently, the building is still under construction after delays due to the pandemic. Target to be ready in 2024.

5 . 118 Mall – modern shopping center linked to Merdeka 118

Another new mall in KL situated a little closer to the City Centre is 118 Mall – a modern seven-storey shopping hub attached to Merdeka PNB 118, which is slated to be the second tallest building in the world once its construction is completed. Construction for the mall will be completed in June 2022, with tenants expected to occupy the building in the second half of the new year. This may seem like a long way to go, but the mall is worth keeping an eye on. It will house over 200 stores, and attractions such as an Eat Street with alfresco dining, a cinema complex, and a Malaysian Artisan District that will highlight local artisanal products and cuisine. As the mall is connected to Merdeka PNB 118, shoppers can decide to catch views of KL’s impeccable skyline at an Observation Deck once they’re done shopping too. The viewing area is set to take up four floors in the towering Merdeka PNB 118 skyscraper to offer visitors different angles of KL’s skyline from dusk to dawn. 

For those that have an interest in opening up a retail shop in the new upcoming mall that we have mentioned earlier. Check out BlueDuck Smart Commercial, the newest evolutionary standard in reducing vacant commercial units with BlueDuck Smart Commercial.  First in Malaysia, first in Southeast Asia. It helps you skip the traditional advance deposit that gonna cost you a big chunk of capital to move in. BlueDuck Smart Commercial will ease both tenant and landlord. For tenants, the most stand up point if you have this solution you gonna save a lot of cash flow, while for landlords, this will help your property to rent out faster. The great thing about this is all of the operations will be under BlueDuck web portal. Skip the rental deposit. Click on this link to find out more :)

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What do with your Landlord Portal?

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Hey landlords, do you know that when you sign up with BlueDuck Zero Deposit, you are supported with our complimentary software that helps to manage your tenancy? By using our Zero Deposit solution, you’re also able to access our system through your BD landlord portal! Let's check it out.

1. Document Storage

Imagine if you are still doing the traditional way of manual tracking on the rental, bill, and so on, many struggled to find the documents a few months down the road. With this portal, You, as the landlord, can store & retrieve your tenancy agreement utility bills statement & insurance certificates in the portal. Let the system assist to organize your property-related documents. This will help you save time in organizing these important documents.

2. Add on property listings

Imagine, you have properties, you have visited the properties, and have photos taken, but it's all in-camera storage. Here, with the BlueDuck portal, upload your photos and property details in the portal. can also add on the other investment properties you have on hand. Digitizing your property management, all in one portal by just logging in. The best part is, you can share the link with your agents and start promoting to get potential new tenants in the future. It's convenient!

3. Transparency

The portal has accessibility for you, appointed agents, and your tenant to check on the tenancy status inclusive of the tenancy arrangement, especially on payment status. This will lower the risk of any dispute if it occurs. There are scenarios where the tenant may have made the payment but did not send the receipt for the landlord’s reference, which causes misunderstandings. With that, a tenant is advised to pay through BD portal, with the transaction record & audit trail all in the system. This will be a good practice for both tenant & landlord to improve on trust level and accountability.


BlueDuck provides a dashboard view of the landlord’s property portfolio and assists in providing your tenancy-related information at your fingertips.  

With that, you can now share your referral code with anyone and if they successfully sign up with BlueDuck Zero Deposit, it is super easy.

Login to your landlord’s portal > My Profile to retrieve your Referral Code(Image below) and enjoy an RM10 Shopee voucher for free.

Do follow us on FB for the latest news and updates.

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Eliminating Cash Rental Deposit - The New Beginning in Malaysia

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In the rental environment, a security deposit, a traditional deposit is collected to protect the unit's owner against any damage caused by a renter. In case there is any damage to the property, the unit owner has the right to deduct the cost of repairs from the deposit when the tenant moves out.

In Malaysia, it usually involves 2.5 months' worth of basic rent. The rental deposit guarantee service is entirely new to the SEA region; while Malaysia is the first country to roll out this solution, it is still pretty new for most property investors, tenants, and agents. 

Why CASH Rental Deposit Replacement Is In The Market 

The rental deposit guarantee is also called the zero deposit program in Malaysia or in some places like Germany. It started to roll out in Europe in 2017 or even earlier. These policies are available only at the beginning of a tenancy. Zero Deposit program comes in a package form and depends on the total rental deposit to be covered and the type of properties. 

What happens after the Landlord is Onboarded With BlueDuck Zero Deposit Program?

A landlord can offer NO DEPOSIT as an alternative to speed up the rental process. With the new development happening, many tenants would often look for newer development and the landlord is struggling with the ongoing loan services and getting “THE” tenant. With Rental Deposit Guarantee, the rental process is sped up as tenants do not have to fork out the initial upfront deposit while the landlord gets the rental income to ease their cash flow.  


Step 1: Tenant gets verified through

Step 2: Agents/landlords register a user account & update tenancy details.

Step 3: Zero Deposit Program activated! The Certificate is issued. All parties get to download from your BD user portal. 

What’s The Catch?

Before a tenant is onboard,  the tenant will need to get verified and qualified through our Tenant Profile.  A tenant’s profile will be verified with a supported credit check, and ready to be qualified by the BlueDuck team to proceed with Zero Deposit up front!

Tenants also need to agree on the T&C which are:

1) Tenant purchase tenant profile

2) Rental payment must be via BD Pay (sign up direct debit) 1% system fees charged on tenants.

3) Tenant records will be in credit agency if there’s a payout. Delist fee is involved.

Since a tenancy deal started with no deposit being collected, BlueDuck has implemented these ways to mitigate a landlord’s tenancy-related risks. This will eliminate the not-so-committed tenants and attract a committed tenant. 

So What’s Next? 

For landlords interested in this solution, register an account now on the BlueDuck website while your agent shall help you post on the listing sites with “NO DEPOSIT REQUIRED” to attract tenants faster.  And.. you have begun the BlueDuck journey. For more, click the link here to learn what BlueDuck has to offer, and check out our latest news on BlueDuck's FB Page today.

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